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Temporary lip tattoos in 83 easy steps



I try not to post reviews of new products unless I actually have tried them, but with these  ... I'm have a tough time taking the plunge.


A friend gave me these Violent Lips tattoos to test run for Deal Divas and they've been sitting on my desk for weeks. I keep picking them up, taking them out of the package, reading the instructions, then putting them in the package and back on my desk again.

While the idea of sparkly semi-permanent lips is intriguing, there are a couple of problems here. First, the application is a seemingly endless process that involves stenciling and measuring and trimming and forming the mouth in a "relaxed Ohh shape" and cotton balls. Seriously, the first step is to acquire scissors, cotton balls and water, plus you need mineral oil to remove any mistakes you make, which is bound to happen. Once applied, you have to smooth out any creases, but take great care not to stretch your lips. Then let it dry for five minutes.

This would be fine, I suppose, if I was wanting to rock this look all day and night, as the packaging says it lasts between four to eight hours. But ... I just don't know. It's hard to tell from this photo, but these are a really, really bright red glitter. Definitely not something I could wear to work, but maybe for a special occasion. Like a Rihanna video shoot or an amateur cabaret contest.

One adventurous soul out there who aptly runs the Confessions of a Glitterholic blog did try some polka dot ones. Check it out:


Kinda different, sorta cool, a little weird. She did say they made her lips feel a little restricted, which she thought was annoying, but said she'd use them again for Halloween or something.

Any other guinea pigs out there who have tried Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos? Thoughts?

Deal Diva Emily




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