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Their people forgot to talk



"Leave it to the guys to not even talk about it."

Clinton_4That's what a male colleague said to me this morning after taking note that former Prez Bill Clinton and VP hopeful Joe Biden both worked center stage at the Democratic National Convention last night wearing the dreaded SAME OUTFIT.

Yep, that's right. Both of these white-haired Dems showed up under the bright lights in very similar, if not identical, dark suits, white shirts with cuff links and shiny, monochromatic Carolina blue ties. (Biden, who has a history of using other people's ideas as his own, distinguished himself only a bit with a flag pin on his lapel and white handkerchief.)

If Hil and Jill (Biden) had done this, fashionistas everywhere would have gasped, snickered and hit speed dial to make sure their best chick friend knew about the gaffe. Should the same standard apply to the leading men on what is arguably the most important stage in the country this week? Granted, male politicos tend to stick with either blue or red ties (Obama went red last night). But men, there are many, many shades of blue. Beautiful options abound. How 'bout some stripes? Or a blue-and-red combo?Biden

I'm torn. Should the ex-prez have ceded the robin's egg blue to the new wing man of the hour? Or does a former White House dweller get carte blanche to wear whatever the heck color he wants, when he wants?

Better yet, did you even notice the twin performance?

~ Deal Diva Colleen

(Photos: Times staff photographer Martha Rial)

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:10pm]


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