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These boots are made for walking... into my closet



So, I'm sitting in a meeting at work the other day, checking out what shoes everyone is wearing, OF COURSE, and what do I see? Three women, Deal Diva Kim included, wearing virtually the same brown cowboy boots and jeans. If they had crossed their legs at the same time, it would have been like a Broadway production of Annie Get Your Gun.

It's like they're tormenting me.

Maybe it's all this True Grit talk, but I've had the itch to get cowboy boots for a while now. Actually, I should clarify. I do have a pair already, but they're light pink and they were $5 in the Target kids department a few years ago, and I only bought them because, why not? Now I want something more rugged, more serious, more fashiony. Maybe not extreme, hardcore hog-wrangling cowboy boots. But something with a similar vibe that I could wear with skinny jeans and sundresses.

There's a pair at Revolve Clothing Exchange in St. Pete that I've had my eye on for a while now. They're teal and black, and they're my size. But they're in the $60 range, if I recall, and I just... I can't.  Not for something I in no way need or could even justify.

My boyfriend thinks I've finally lost my last shred of sanity. I don't know. Maybe he's right. I don't even like that much country music. Anyway, here are some options I've seen:

I really like these, from Forever 21, very close to a pair my friend Hilary has (agony). They're $34.80, so they're reasonable. And I like the moderate approach. These say, "On my way to brunch," not "On my way to impregnate the cows."


Deal Diva Emily has some similar to these (torture), with the slouchy low tops. These are from Payless, $39.99. Little steep, don't you think, PAY-LESS?


Check out THESE BABIES from Aldo. They're on sale, down to $41.99 from $130. If these aren't hot, I don't know what is.


My defenses are fading. Quick, someone tie me to the feeding post and keep me out of the mall.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photos: Forever 21, Payless, Aldo

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