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Travel light, with style



Travel_2Let us count the joys of the holiday travel season now upon us.

1) The search for essential beauty products in three-ounce bottles. 2) The game of shove-and-sit when Gram's gift won't fit into that carry-on suitcase. 3) Ok, let's stop before I call off the holiday trip.

Anyone traveling by air for Turkey Day dinner or the winter holidays wants to avoid checking luggage if possible. Have you seen what the airlines are charging to lose your bag these days?

Here's help to arrive at your destination with everything you need to look cute for the whole vacay:

  • Wear the largest pair of shoes that you are packing. Yes, knee-high boots are a pain to take off in the security line. But consider how much sweater space they'd take up in your suitcase.
  • Can't find a three-ounce bottle of the cream that is the ONLY thing standing between you and an acne outbreak like you haven't seen since middle school? Relax. Just squirt the amount you need for a few days in an empty contact lenses case. Fits right into the quart size Zip-lock baggie.
  • Don't have room in your purse for airplane reading, Aunt Sue's gift, and an emergency ration of peanuts now that they don't serve free food on planes? Fear not. Grab a spacious tote to carry everything on. You're still allowed a small suitcase under the "two carry-on items" rule. Drop your smaller purse inside the tote if the flight attendants are being persnickety about enforcing it.

Have other tips for happy travels? Please pass them on!

-- Deal Diva Letitia

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