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Trend of terror: pegged jeans



Katie I have a love-hate thing with Katie Holmes.

I love a lot of the stuff she wears. I love (no, covet) her hair, and the person who does her makeup. I love that she's from my home state of Ohio (represent! MIDWEST, WHA!)

I hate that she's a zombie in public. I hate that she tries too hard to look quirky. I hate that she made the movie "Mad Money" (Why, JOEY POTTER, WHY?)

And I HATE her latest freakazoid move: Pegged jeans.  She's been strutting around New York with her slouchy boyfriend jeans wrapped tight around the ankle. Click here if you dare.

Img_1831 Since I can't find any pictures for "nightmare from hell, seriously" in our archives, I've kindly demonstrated the aforementioned peg technique at right with my own jeans, which promptly dissolved into some sort of demon and snatched my soul before retreating to the Denim Underworld to dance 'round the fire.

I'll admit.  I totally did this for realz in 1992. In fact, I did it to a pair with bejeweled pockets. I wore them with white socks, patent leather shoes and my West Carlisle Elementary Student of the Month shirt.  I'm not proud.

Here's the thing. When your ankle is the smallest thing - say it with me now - everything else look bigger! This technique makes your calves, knees, thighs and butt the equivalent of a Thames sailing barge. 

Pegged jeans will make you an ice cream cone.

So by all means, get Katie's haircut. Use her self tanner. Have a baby as cute as hers.  Whatevs.  But don't pour Haterade on your jeans. What did they ever do to you?

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

photos: me, AP

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