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I always try to buy one daring or outlandish item to wear on vacations. In a new town, I don't really know anyone. Moreover, I don't care. My hair is going to revolt into some ridiculous Sideshow Bob situation. My skin is going to dry up like a stale English muffin. I'll probably forget, like, all my pants. My inhibitions are already down, so what's the harm in testing a wackball trend?

Last year, it was the Mysterious Summer Scarf in the Hamptons and the Sheer Leggings of Terror in Hell's Kitchen. Last weekend on a jaunt to New Orleans, I trotted out the Bug Face Celebrity Sunglasses. I picked them up for $5.99 at Charlotte Russe, along with a pair of $6.99 sparkly brown rubber flip-flops as a non-fugly rain measure.

Big sunglasses have been around for a long time, and I've worn moderately large ones before (see summer scarf). But I've recently seen more and more with striking ombre faded lenses. Here's a rich person version from Yves Saint Laurent. Now here are mine. Drumroll...


Day one, I swapped my normal Steve Madden aviators for the biguns. In lightning fast time, my boyfriend chirped, "HELP MEEEEE," in a geek-out reference to horror movie The Fly. My girlfriends, however, loved them.

"Those are awesome!" said my pal Alex.

"Jim said they look like a bug," I said.

"Well, they do look like a bug," she said. "But they're awesome!"

I figure I'll regret them in about six months when I review the vacation photos. But for $5.99, that's fine by me. By the way, my vacation hair? Nightmare.

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo by my amigo Aaron!

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