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Tutorial: Janis Joplin-proof your hair -- even in this weather



 We've covered the clothes and the shoes. But what to do about the hair on these rainy summer days? 

If you're like me, even a hint of humidity or errant raindrop puts you in full-on Janis mode. As in, just grab a pink boa and take another little piece of my heart. But listen up, divas. It's not the only way. A blow dryer, flat iron and a little extra time in the morning could have you singing, "Take that!" instead.

Step one: Blow dry. 


This is the most annoying part. And I know, once you've completed this step you'll want to throw in the towel. But don't give in -- think of what awaits you when you walk out your front door, and invest just 5-10 minutes for.... 

Step two: It's all in the wrist.


In small sections, slowly pull the flat iron (I use a CHI) downward and twist it about a half turn or more away from your head as you reach the bottom.

You're left with this: 


Step three: Repeat.


Go section by section and do the same thing, making sure to switch directions when you get to the other side (so you're always rotating the straightener away from your head).

Step four: Keep it in place. 


Finish with a light mist of hairspray. I like cult classic Elnett by Loreal. It's cheap and keeps its hold even after you brush through it, preventing helmet hair. (Pictured left to right: Elnett, George, John, Ringo, Paul.)

Step five: Loosen up. 

Comb through your hair with your fingers, and voila!


As the day wears on, two things could happen. If it's really humid and a little rainy, your hair could curl up more, which only adds to your va-va-voomness. Or, depending on your hair type, the curls could fall a little, which still leaves you with a slightly feathered, beachy-wavy look (this is what happens to me). Both, you should take note, are non-Janis-like -- not that we don't love the gal. 

I can usually last two days with this, touching up with some dry shampoo and re-doing a few pieces on the top with the flat iron. 

Like I said, it takes a little extra time -- mostly to blow dry -- but it's better than the alternatives: 

1. Woodstock-esque

2. The slicked-back bun

3. ... Nope, I think that's it. 

Give it a try and report back! 

Deal Diva Kim

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 12:11pm]


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