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Since 2007, Spinderella's Resale Boutique had amassed a great following of frugal fashionistas.

Jennifer Steele, owner of the St. Petersburg consignment shop, had made it her business to only stock items that people would actually want to wear. That meant more Bannana Republic and Old Navy than 1984 'mom' jeans. So it was a bit of a shock when Spinderellas closed its doors a few months ago.

Not to worry, Steele has returned to her stylish ways with Two Haute Chics, an online store devoted to choice vintage finds. The site features items through the decades -- all the way back to the 40s! It's a growing site, so the stock is still limited, but definitely work a peek.

The Deal Divas caught up with Jennifer to chat more about THC and the glory that was Spinderella's.

So, what happened to Spinderella's?

Jennifer: I originally opened the store for a demographic of women who started shopping thrift when the economy shifted. In my search for how to stay connected and at the forefront of my customers minds and how to attract new customers I put up a fan page on Facebook. I started noticing that people were getting too busy to come into the store, but they were spending more time online. I thought, "if I had this online with a shopping cart it would have been sold." Then the light bulb went off... why not sell online?

Tell me about the decision to launch Two Haute Chics.

Jennifer: I opened Two Haute Chics on Etsy a few months before I physically closed my store to sell some of my vintage pieces that went unappreciated in the store front and to sell some of the one of a kind pieces that I was producing in my down time in the store. The market seemed receptive and so I decided to give it my full attention. 

What do you hope to provide to the online shopping scene? 

Jennifer: I hope to provide the same kind of customer service and dedication to my craft online that I did in the physical store.  Same loving energy, same inspired ideas, same help.  I list detailed information about the items, information about how to wear the items and what to pair the items with. I ship with care and wrap every item so it reaches the customer in the same condition it left me. I hand write notes and insert them in all my packages.  I also try to keep my prices realistic and affordable just like I did at Spinderella's but vintage. (Two Haute Chics provides free shipping in the continental U.S.

Diorrobe You have some cool vintage pieces; how do you find them?   (Vintage Christian Dior robe, pictured left, $129 at THC.) 

Jennifer: I find them in thrift stores, garage sales, etc. I thought everyone had the ability to find pieces like I did, but someone pointed out that I had a gift. Jordache

(Classic Jordache jeans,) $44.99 at THC.) 

If you could give some comforting words to Spinderella shoppers longing for a consignment fix, what would you say?

Jennifer: There are so many amazing new consignment/resale stores opening.  Find the one that has the most passionate people about their customers and the most knowledge about their "type" of clothing. 

Deal Diva Nicole

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:25pm]


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