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Ugly fashion idea of the day: Banglz



Banklet Remember how you used to wear a scrunchie on your wrist?

You thought you were making a fashion statement. Also, you knew that band of stretchy fabric would save your bee's nest if suddenly you were afflicted with a MAJOR HAIR EMERGENCY.

But then, at some point at least 12 years ago, you realized that habit actually looked pretty stupid, so you relegated your basket of scrunchies to be worn only at face-washing time.

Apparently, not everyone had the same revelation.

Showing up in our inboxes this week was a promo for Banglz, wrist and ankle weights that look a lot like scrunchies but are billed as "must-have stylish accessories" that supposedly build a workout into your wardrobe. 

BREAKING NEWS!! A workout plan that merely requires getting dressed!!

Um, doubtful. And dubious health benefits aside, do the creators of Banglz really think bangles as anklets (What would that be called? Banklets?) make chic accessory material? Or that wearing scrunchies on wrists is somehow okay again? 

Nope, not okay. Really and truly, not okay.

~ Deal Diva Colleen

(Photo: For $27.95, you can roll your jeans too high and cut off the slimmest part of your legs by wrapping these snakes, er, Banglz around your ankles.) 

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:16pm]


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