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For USF Bulls fans, a guide to looking glam on game day



It must be sports day here on the blog. As Deal Diva Colleen reminded us this morning, stadium attire is tricky enough. Then there's your face: Game day makeup is always too little or too much.

Whenever I go to University of South Florida football games to cheer on the Bulls, my peers are either covered in body paint and glitter, or they have a little green and gold shadow on their eyes. I wanted something in between, something that stands out but is still feminine. With a little inspiration from the makeup of drag queens and my cheerleader sister, I was able to create this bold but beautiful look:


For any Divas heading to Friday's USF game against West Virginia, here's how to get the look in seven easy steps.

What you’ll need:

- Your usual base makeup. If you don’t use it, I recommend a mineral makeup, since the powder-based stuff feels lighter on your face.

- Dark-green eye shadow. I’m wearing the dark-green pod from Almay's intense i-color trio for greens.

- Deep-yellow eye shadow. I’m wearing the yellow pod from L’Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigments Bright Shadow Duo, Flamboyant 538.

- Green and gold cheer glitter. I use Team Image’s No. 38 18k Gold and No. 37 Emerald. You want to use glitter marketed to competitive cheerleaders and dancers, because it is designed to be seen from far away and stay on for a long time. You can get them at any cheer competition or online.

- Glitter glue. You can also get this from Team Image. It costs about $8 for a tiny tube, so if you don’t want to splurge, lip gloss with a thin brush or wand will work fine.

- Angled eyeliner brush.


Step 1: Put on your natural base makeup. Even if you don’t wear any, a little bit will even out your face. Don’t go too heavy, as you’ll be wearing a lot of eye makeup.

Step 2: Apply primer to the entirety of your eyelid, from eyelashes to eyebrows. This will help keep the makeup on through sweat and rain.

Step 3: Take your dark green eye shadow and fill your lid, from lash to crease. Then, trace the brush from the outside corner of your eye to the tip of your eyebrow. Follow the bone of your eye socket to create a curved line. Repeat, but this time curve the line in more. Fill in what’s in between. This should look like a green horn.


Step 4: Fill in the rest of your eyelids with the yellow eye shadow. This will take a couple of layers, since you want the yellow to stand out. Do not blend with the green. The separation between the colors is part of the look. The only place you want to blend is at the inner corner of your eye.


Step 5: Take the glue and apply like eyeliner. Following the line, drag it up to trace the green horns. Dip the angled eyeliner brush in the green glitter and apply to where the glue is. The glitter will only stick to the glue, but be careful. It will fall on to other parts of your face. Hold a tissue under your eye to keep the glitter off your cheeks.

Step 6: Take the glue and dab a bit at the inner corners of your eyes and your inner nose. Apply the gold glitter. Be careful not to apply it directly in your eyes, but rather around the eye and inside the bridge of the nose.

Step 7: Add mascara and lip gloss and voila! You’re ready to cheer on the Bulls.


Guest Deal Diva Amy Mariani

(Photos by Harrison Reed)


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