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Warm weather fantasy clothes for our cold friends



It's not fair how nice it got here just when it got so NOT nice up north. Most of my family is in Cleveland, and I feel terrible for them. If I could send them all little mental Snuggies and hot cocoas with floating mini marshmallows, I would. But since I can't, I'll do what's within my power. BLOGGING.

Northerners, know there is hope. You must think forward happily to warmer times, and nothing helps like looking at some FANTASY CLOTHES on balmy bodies. On the count of three, everyone go to the happy place inside your head. 1... 2... 3!

Imagine it's not snowing and you're getting a glisteny tan on the beaches of Cabo in this strapless bra top sun dress, on sale for $29 at Victoria's Secret. It's green like the grass and blue like the sky! While we're at it, let's also pretend we're all this toned and slim. This is fun!


You smell like coconut, baby oil and rainbows on the party deck of your favorite cruise liner in this cute polka dot bikini, $46 from J. Crew. Have another shrimp cocktail, baby. You deserve it.


Vicky Cristina and her Barcelona have nothing on you in this luxurious gauze tunic from Spiegel, on sale for $49. You might as well go ahead and take another lover, because you're going to be beating the sexy natives off with a stick anyway. Blame it on the heat, got you feeling.... neat? (This is going downhill fast. Quick. I need a save.)


Ah, here we go. Nothing says "Take me swiftly from my misery" like a pair of nautical espadrilles. These are $24.99 at Payless. And if you just can't get down with the fantasy, fear not. It's BOGO time at Payless, so you can get yourself a pair of boots, too.


Stay warm and safe, everyone!

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photos: Victoria's Secret, J. Crew. Spiegel, Payless

[Last modified: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 12:12am]


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