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Wear white right. (And say that 3 times fast.)



White_shorts_2Nothing says summer to me like white pants and shorts. A crisp alternative to khaki and gray, white bottoms look great with colorful tops or simple black. On vacation to New England last week, I paired my white shorts with a blue and white-striped, boat neck top and felt like a cute sailor’s mate.

But I’ve noticed an alarming trend amongst fellow wearers of white. Let’s just say they aren’t leaving moon gazing to folks with telescopes. There is way too much derriere dimple action going on in public, and not enough being left to the imagination.

To help cope with that ewww-factor, here’s a few suggestions for wearing white with more class, less ass: 


Opt for a sturdy fabric. That doesn’t mean linen is out. But lined linens provide extra coverage. If you fall in love with a pant or skirt that isn’t lined, make sure the fit is loose enough to ensure your behind isn’t on display like Swiss cheese.Swiss_cheese_3

Think outside the box for shoe options. Wearing white shoes with white bottoms may end up looking a little dated, so take extra care to choose something modern if you want the all-white look. I usually opt instead for camel-colored wedges or strappy sandals. Metallics look good, too.


Wear the wrong underwear. Unless you are dancing on a pole for cash, no one wants to see your leopard thong. That’s what nude-colored undergarments are for, people. Invest in them immediately.

Freak out about getting dirty. It’s inevitable in white. I got caught in a rain storm in Boston and ended up getting splashed all over with little dirt spots. Annoying, yes, but nothing a little stain remover couldn’t get out. And there’s always bleach for the worst stains.

Assume white is out after Labor Day. That’s a rule from a bygone era. Wear it all year long without worrying that you look like your snow bird grandmother.

~ Deal Diva Colleen


[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:10pm]


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