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Wear your candidate on your face!



Mccainmug_2Do you get peeved when people ask, "Who are you voting for?"  Not only is it grammatically unsound, it's all up-in-the-grill nosy, and I'm sort of old-fashioned about voting being my business.

Here's a way to preempt the busybodies - gear from According to her website, Ann has "designed brooches for all the Armed Services, the Naval Academy, West Point and the official pin worn by the spouses of the US House of Representatives." Sweet.

These days, she's gotten downright dragalicious with it, and I love it. Her current collection includes Obama and and McCain crystal sunglasses, $175 a pop. Feeling cheaper? Try a travel mug pimping your candidate of choice, $25, or a Swarovski pin, $45.

When you're chillin' in line at the voting booth, waiting for a dedicated volunteer to find your name on a really long Godforsaken precSunglasses1_3inct list, just whip out your presidential accessory. People should leave you alone. Either that, or wear a homemade sign that says, "BACK UP OFF, YO."  I might go that route.

~ Deal Diva Stephanie


[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:10pm]


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