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What's trending now: Occupy Wall Street fashion!



occupystpete.jpgWhile it's yet unclear how much of a lasting impact Occupy Wall Street, and all the various spin-off protests around the country, will have on modern American politics, one important side conversation occupytampa.jpghas emerged from the fray: How cute are some of these protesters!

Various New York City fashion writers have been brave enough to infiltrate the 99 percent and ask not about their employment status or their political message, but about what they're wearing and why. The answers are kind of interesting and reflect a pretty diverse generation, ranging from, "I hate labels and the corporate greed they symbolize," to, "This scarf is from H&M. So?"

The New York Times did a pretty cool slideshow called "What to Wear to a Protest?", and it has sort of a My Outfit Monday feel, where protesters take a moment to describe where they got their shirt or why they decided to put on what they did that morning.


The reporter also follows up with the question, "Why are you protesting?" and the answers are as widely varied as the clothing choices. I like the first guy in the slideshow who says, "I’m  here just to see what everybody else is doing. I don’t know if I agree with all of this. All these kids are trying to protest against corporations while they’re wearing Hollister and J. Crew and smoking cigarettes, which are the hugest corporations in America.”

Deal Diva Emily

Photos: St. Petersburg Times photographers Edmund Fountain (at Occupy Tampa) and Chris Zuppa (at Occupy St. Pete); Associated Press at Occupy Wall Street.




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