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Woman vows to go a year without mirrors



mirrorwoman.jpgHow many times a day do you look in the mirror?  I'm personally afraid to count. Between bathrooms and rear views and compacts and glossy window reflections, I'm sure it's a ton. I know it's not healthy to obsess, but I'm not sure I could totally abandon mirrors, either. My makeup looks different in the car, in the work bathroom, in the home bathroom, in the bar, and I'm constantly adjusting. Today, while walking to get a burrito bowl at lunch, I caught sight in a window of a huge Justin Bieber alfalfa sprout of hair sticking up from my scalp. And what happens after you eat a salad with cilantro? Answer me that!

Anyway, a much braver blogger on a mission of self-acceptance has taken on the challenge. Kjerstin Gruys, a 20-something former fashion industry worker, started a year-long ban on mirrors in March. She blogs about it here, expounding on the perks and pitfalls of life without looking at yourself, including the time her fiance noticed her eyebrows were different sizes and her nose hair was getting long. KILL ME.

Oh, you read that right. She has a FIANCE. Which means she's getting married. And doing her own makeup on the big day. Without mirrors. Mad respect, Kjerstin.

Could you do this?

Deal Diva Stephanie

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[Last modified: Thursday, September 1, 2011 3:33pm]


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