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Work out in style without straining your wallet



Confession: I'm a workout-aholic. Early morning jogs, afternoon bike rides, cheesy aerobics classes -- I love them all. Endorphins are my drug.

As a result, a good chunk of my wardrobe consists of stretchy pants and sports bras. But lately I've noticed that my gear is getting a little ratty. I guess that's a good thing, fitness wise; I'm getting use out of them. But while I'm in the gym leaving sweat puddles on the treadmill with my hair thrown up in a rat's nest, the least I can do is make sure my outfit's semi-stylish.

Apparently I'm not the only one. A story in the LA Times last month reports that cute workout clothes are ALL THE RAGE, both in and out of the gym. I blame the outlandishly overpriced brands like Lululemon Athletica, which has seduced celebs and, by extension, the rest of us mortals (OMGGG Kristen Cavallari wears Lululemon! I have to wear Lululemon, too!)

Seriously, $98 for a pair of loose-fitting pants?? Yeahhhhhh, no.

The good news is, because it's now totally cool to hit the gym, or at least dress like you did, now other less expensive retailers are jumping on the bandwagon.

Target has always been a gym-clothes staple for me, and their newest offerings don't disappoint.

target.jpgLove this stretchy ribbed tank -- $12.99. Now that's more like it.







forever21.jpgI gotta tell you, I bought a couple seamless sports bras like this one from Forever 21 a couple weeks ago, and they are now my faves. Unlike other stuff I've bought there, they've managed to survive several laundry cycles, and the bright colors really get me pumped for a nice, long run. Now if only I could master that subtle "come-hither-I'm-really-not-that-sweaty" stare.







old_navy_shorts_2.jpgOld Navy's jumped on board, too, with tops that promise to compress your body into a slimmer shape, fabric that wicks your sweat, thumb loops, zipper pockets, and more! Wow! Putting aside the hype for a second, I could totally log some miles in these $15 shorts. They remind me of another overpriced workout fad, the Nike Tempo Track shorts.



Or, if all else fails, there's always these.

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