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The World's Cutest Umbrellas



There was a time when there were about six travel umbrellas rolling around in the back of my car. That time was not this morning, when I was forced to step out of my car in the office parking lot and allow heavy rains to ruin my freshly blow-dried hair and freshly ironed clothes. (Haha, just kidding, I don't own an iron.)

It seems I never have an umbrella when I need it. And that got me thinking about umbrellas. And that got me Googling "cute umbrellas." And that resulted in the following photo essay, which I will title "The World's Cutest Umbrellas." Enjoy.


(Left) Blue and white polka dot umbrella! Delicate, vintage-y, stylish ... Probably won't actually keep you dry. But good for light drizzles and shielding your delicate pin-up girl skin from the sun. From, $37.99



(Right) Picnic-table plaid umbrellas. Good for country hoe-downs, summer BBQs, rodeos and other events that might otherwise be ruined by a rain forecast. It's also $85. Don't do it. From




(Left) The appropriately named FiFi umbrella, shown in pink. Frilly, girly, large enough to be effective in even the most heavy Florida rains. Cool faux bamboo handle. You gotta order it from England. £19.45 from




(Right) Is it a glow stick? Is it an umbrella? No, it's a GLOBRELLA! A brilliant rod of light in an otherwise dark and dreary day. The LED color-shifting bar will transport you from a depressing workday slog to a futuristic techno rave. Only $25 from





(Left) "Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining." Too cute. Inspiring. Power of positive thinking and whatnot. Bonus: The lining is actually silver! $60 from Lulu Guinness.





Stay dry!


Deal Diva Emily


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