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Deal Divas' Favorite Things: Kameel



Hello Divarettes and Divarinos (you guys don't mind if I call you  that, do you? The holidays do strange things to me. I make up twice as many words.)

Has this feature been great or what? Seriously, I hope you guys have enjoyed this week's blog posts as much as me. I've had a blast seeing what tops my fellow divas' lists.

My turn! Here are my favorite things, in no particular order.

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, $9.99 - You know when you read a book so good, you can't put it down? That's what this stuff is like for me. I can't help but reach for it again and again. I've tried beaucoup hair products billed as being "perfect" for chicks like me who rock the natural look. I'm always a little wary; it's no secret that the amount and availability of beauty products for women of color pales in comparison to what's out there for our fairer sisters. But my hair absolutely loves this stuff. For starters, it's sulfate free and made with organic products including coconut oil and silk protein, which is good for all types of hair. For my curls, which love water but don’t do well with gels, it has the perfect consistency -- heavy enough to give me some hold if I'm doing twists, but light enough to give me slip if I'm just doing a wash-and-go. And I'm convinced there's a magic elf inside the jar that exists solely to eat frizzy ends. Did I also mention it smells amazing? You can find this (and a bunch of other great products in the SheaMoisture family) at CVS, Walgreens and Target.

Merona skinny ankle pants
, $9.98 - Finding a good pair of jeans can be an ordeal  Now add "color" to that. And why not throw in "skinny" just for good measure. Sound impossible? I thought so too. It's one of the reasons I was hesitant to embrace the skinny trend in denim that's lingered around the last few years, and the color one that crept up more recently. But hear me out, my short, curvy sistas (and you tall, lithe ones too), the answer is Merona, that ubiquitous brand sold at Target. They've created a skinny ankle version of jeans with all my favorite elements (a mid rise  and little to no embellishments) and wrapped it up in a trendy package. They come in fun colors like coral and blurple (blue + purple). The pants (99% cotton 2% spandex) have a little stretch and just the right amount of tapering at the ankle. Bonus: the ones I got months ago are now on clearance!

Crosby Moto Jacket, $48 - When I went out west earlier this year, I left plenty of time to do what everyone does on vacation: spend more money than you planned. But I'm telling you, this lightweight moto jacket -- which I purchased at a charming boutique in Salt Lake City, is one thing I have absolutely no regrets about. Every girl needs a "go-to" jacket in her closet. Something that can be dressed up when you need; dress down when appropriate and just look down right cool. This jacket does it, with it's subtle snap and metallic details, it's neutral color (depending on what you have underneath, it either looks black or dark navy) and its flexible use. Zip it up, leave it open, it looks cool either way. And, it's mostly cotton, so perfect for Florida, yet light enough if you need to layer up (I wore a heavy sweater underneath in Michigan and it was fine). And yea, it's $48, but you're worth it.

Kohl's shoe section - I have to drive across town to get to my nearest Kohl's. It's a 25 minute trip, at least. And I don't care. Because when I need some shoes, this is where I shop first. I don't know when the last time you were in the shoe section here, and I won't tell you when I was (ahem-cough-cough-Sunday-cough), but let me assure you, their game is on point. It can get a little TJ Maxx-ish with the clearance section -- all those boxes crammed together -- but I am rarely disappointed. And, I've noticed that they regularly and quickly put things on sale. Plus, they usually have lots of half-sizes in stock, a godsend for us in between-ers.

A good eyebrow wax
(about $20) - Every so often, you might see a post in my Twitter feed that goes something like this: "I feel like a new girl." These usually come moments after I've paid someone to rip hairs out of my face. It's the best thing in the world! No really, guys. I'm blessed/cursed with naturally full eyebrows, which estheticians like to swoon about, but I realized (around high school or so) can quickly get OUT OF CONTROL without grooming. My preference is wax, but I've heard good things about threading too. Still, it took me awhile to find "my place" in the Tampa Bay area. These days, I head to Pia's Day Spa in downtown St. Pete (they do gift cards!). Ask for Ashley. Tell her I sent you. Then leave with a new fresh face.


Everyone's said this already, but we really do want to hear from you readers about YOUR favorite things. So share them with us in the comments, or email us, or say hi on social media. (Twitter! Pinterest! Instagram!) Follow us @DealDivas and tag your pics with #dealdivasfavoritethings.

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