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My favorite things may get me into some trouble with the Deal Divas Powers That Be. They're not all thrifty. I could label a few as Favorite Guilty Pleasures, and I've hesitated in telling you about them all along.

But I think some things are worth the splurge (and some things definitely aren't). So here we go!

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Make Up For Ever HD foundation, $42 

I hate the feeling of paint on my face. Always have. Cute, shimmery animal designs at the school carnival? Hard pass. Cheek tattoos for your favorite team at a football game? Maybe, but I'm scrubbing it off ASAP. Liquid foundation? Smother me NOT.

Then I went to Sephora. I told an associate that my cheap foundation was giving me breakouts, and I needed something to even out my skintone for taping TV segments in the newsroom. I wanted to invest in big girl foundation, but I didn't want it to be all that noticeable. We tried out a few brands, and a fittingly pale, weightless shade of Make Up For Ever was the winner.

I'm on my second bottle now, and I don't see myself going back to drug store brands anytime soon. I'm a believer now in the idea that you shouldn't just slap anything on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist, $20

The name alone sounds obnoxious and completely unnecessary, and I'll admit I am not an expert in skin mechanics (obviously, since I just used that term). So why do I love this "toning mist"?

Remember when I got a free birthday facial at my hair salon in October? At the end of it, the esthetician told me I should consider buying an Aveda toner because it wasn't part of my (very basic) beauty regimen and it helps with clearing clogged pores. I had already declined when two girls at the counter said something like, "It only changed my life, but okay." I guess I was feeling like I wanted to change my life too, so, in a rush of heightened skin awareness, I bought it.

Regrets, I have none. I love spraying my face with this minty, herbal liquid. Yes, you just spray it at your face. It's a refreshing wake-up call - after cleansing, before moisturizing - that I actually look forward to each morning. Is it working miracles for my pores? Too soon to tell. I can tell you it's not hurting anything.

Maybelline Color Show nail polish, $2.99

My recent drive for investing in facial products does not extend to nail polish. Quality nail polish is not important to me. I prefer cheap nail polish in as many shades as I can collect, in holographics, polka dots, pastels, blacks and blues. See, I'm the world's best obsessive compulsive nail-chipper, which means I change my polish a couple times a week. Rarely is a stop at CVS complete without throwing in a bottle du jour of Color Show.


I crave, crave, crave most everything on this site, but a lot of it is designer-made and super beyond my budget. But if you limit your perusing to reality, meaning the sale and everything-is-under-$100 Girl On a Budget sections, you can find some really unique pieces. I usually wait to buy things when the site is running 20- or 30 percent off everything sales. Plus, there's always free shipping.

Ineke fragrance

This came to me as a birthday gift, adorably bound in a book-like box with whimsical script and an Oscar Wilde quote. I'm a sucker for packaging, but the fragrance inside is lovely, too. I'm drawn to florals, so I'm lucky I ended up with the Scarlet Larkspur fragrance with its not-unbearable fruity mix of blood orange, red currant, cherry and nutmeg notes.

I think you'd enjoy one of the fragrances for yourself, but it would also make a thoughtful holiday gift. Anthropologie is selling a $22 scent library from the San Francisco-based perfumer.

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