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Deal Divas' Favorite Things Week: Stephanie



Remember back in Oprah's glory days, when she used to holler and throw microbead facial scrub out at the audience? Everyone had smoke coming out of their ears because it was so EXHILARATING. Well, we're not Oprah, and on our budget of Zero Dollars we can't throw free products at your face. But we thought in the spirit of holiday shopping, we could channel Queen O and bring you a little taste of the products we cherish here at Deal Divas. There's something special about a personal recommendation from a friend who has used it and tried it and loved it, and that's what we're bringing you all week.

It's Deal Divas' Favorite Things!

Check back every day for a list of favorite things from a different Deal Diva. We're not going to be like, "My favorite thing is my cardigan from the ninth grade because it made me understand the fleeting nature of love while coming of age in the cyber epoch." Maybe another week we'll do that. These are things you can pick up now, or current brands or stores we love.

I'm going to get us started. Here's my list below with links to the products. And the photos are in the slideshow above. We'd also love to hear from you about your favorite things! Leave them in the comments, or tweet us @dealdivas. You can also send Instagrams of your favorite things using the hashtag #dealdivasfavoritethings.

M.A.C. lipstick in Russian Red, $15

Everyone should have a classic red lip in her makeup arsenal. It never goes out of style, and it's the quickest way to bring polish to even your rippiest jeans ensemble. The ultimate red lip, in my opinion, is M.A.C.'s Russian Red, a bold, traditional translation of the color, pure matte without any dryness. It goes on smooth and lasts for quite a while. And best of all, it doesn't feel heavy. I wore it all Thanksgiving and didn't remember I even had it on until I raised a white cloth napkin to my gravy face.

Clinque Calyx, $52-$69

We get lots of perfume to review here at Deal Divas, and much of it is strangely musky or candy-coated sweet. But this year, Clinique's Calyx came across our desk, and I was immediately smitten. It's so fresh, reminiscent of newly-mowed grass in an apple orchard, if newly-mowed grass in an apple orchard had a hot date. And the no-frills bottle is refreshingly utlitarian, with a spray pump that feels sturdy and satisfying to spirtz. I don't know why that matters, but it does. Clinique defines it as "the cult-classic fragrance better experienced thatn explained." Good way to put it.

Gap's Perfect Trouser, $59.95

Being this is Deal Divas, it's no surprise I have a hard time paying $60 for plain pants. If I'm forking out $60, it better be coated in cubic zirconia, you dig? But I gladly make an exception for the Perfect Trouser from Gap, the best fitting work pant I have ever found. I am wearing my black pair as I type, and I wear my charcoal gray pair pretty much every week, keeping cost per wear really low. They're classic, they wash well, they're flattering on the hips without showing the world what kind of underwear you prefer, and they come in lengths for shorties and leggies alike.

CoverGirl Lash Blast, $6-$8

I'm one of those people who feels naked without mascara, and lordy, I have tried every kind. I've gotten the Sephora gift set, spent more, spent less, and ultimately, I keep coming back to CoverGirl's Lash Blast, the drug store brand in the fat, neon orange tube. I get it in waterproof (never know when an emotional break or thunderstorm is lurking) and "Very Black," the darkest of the shades. The brush is wide with thick bristles, but I find it never leaves clumps. A couple coats are all you need for the day. Try a pump with an eyelash curler between coats for max impact.


I was loudly defensive when JCPenney started to tank earlier this year after the management decided to nix sales that are usually falsely inflated anyway. Looks like things are picking back up for the retailer (they brought back the sales), which is good, because I just adore the brands they carry. My dress for my 30th birthday came from their Pearl by Marchesa line, and I've got tons of JCPenney-brand Nicole Miller, Betseyville and MNG by Mango. Bonus -- there are now Sephora pods in many stores. Live on, JCP, live on.

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