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Stephanie Hayes, Katie Sanders, Kameel Stanley, & Keyonna Summers

Deal Divas to host Macy's Spring Essentials event!

The event!


The event!



I'd like to pretend we've been playing this real cool and whatnot, like, "Yawn, sure, we'll try to make time." But in my 1995 movie fantasy world, some really bored hacker is going to uncover our e-mail thread about this event and realize that Kameel, Keyonna, Katie and I are actually "!!!!!!!!!!!hurrrrromgomg" about it. We're running around like corgis in an animated gif, is what I'm saying.

Here's the exciting news:

Macy's at WestShore Plaza has invited the Tampa Bay Times Deal Divas to host its Spring Essentials event at 2 p.m. Saturday, April 6. We will all be there except Letitia, who had non-refundable plane tickets to go out of town and is in utter despair about it. The four of us are going to preview the season's trends, accessories and prints (doxie shirts? printed pants?). If you come, which you should, you get to see us cracking wise and looking especially un-model-like next to actual models, who will be walking down a runway in spring Macy's looks we're going to help style. There will be refreshments and music, plus pros from Clinique giving makeup advice. And you get to hang out with us! You can ask us to our face things like, "Why so many blazers, Katie?" or, "Hey, Keyonna, can I borrow your fedora?" or, "How do you find everything for three cents, Kameel?" or, "Steph, tell us more about the time you stole shampoo from a child."

Plus, the first 50 customers to make a $75 or more purchase in fashiony stuff will receive a free gift from Macy's (other than the gift of our company, of course).

Spread the word! The event on the second floor of Macy's WestShore in Tampa is totally free. Just mosey on up after you finish your spring rolls at PF Chang's. We'll make sure to take lots of pictures, (maybe even pictures of you!) for a blog blowout recapping the event.

Thanks to Macy's for the fun opportunity. We keep waiting for them to realize what they've done, but until then, we're going to get back to sending more e-mails along the lines of "!!!A++++++++!!"

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