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Designer bag to 'female mate poacher': Back off!

Researchers say a designer handbag a day keeps the haters away.

2008 Prada handout

Researchers say a designer handbag a day keeps the haters away.



So, we already knew there was quite a bit of psychology that goes into any outfit we wear: Do the colors and design represent my personality? Does it fit the occasion and the image I want to project? Does it make me feel sexy or sophisticated or just plain sad?

But did you know that you might also be subconsciously using your fashion choices to essentially tell other chicks to BACK UP OFF YO' MAN!

Or at least that's the conclusion of Yajin Wang and Vladas Griskevicius, authors of "Conscpicuous Consumption, Relationships and Rivals: Women's Luxury Products as Signals to Other Women."

The University of Minnesota researchers surveyed 649 women in an attempt to figure out why ladies account for more than half of the $525 billion Americans spend annually on luxury goods.

Their findings? Women unconsciously wield items like $7,000 tote bags and designer shoes as a huge billboard alerting others that their mates spoil them with expensive gifts and, thus, are unequivocally spoken for.

It all reportedly links back to women's evolutionary instinct to protect their home, as well as the age-old assumption that the man is the breadwinner.

From TIME mag:

Gifted handbags and the like symbolize "a man's willingness to spend and invest resources in a mate," which "is considered a strong indicator of his commitment to the relationship." And "female mate poachers," they write, "are less likely to pursue a committed man."


As a devoted discount shopper, I sure hope this doesn't mean I'm forever doomed against a happy marriage.

I wanna hear from both guys and girls on this one: Do you put any stock into these researchers' theories? Had you ever put that much thought into any of your splurges?

[Last modified: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 4:02pm]


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