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Fabulous coats for the international spy in all of us



There was a bit of controversy a few weeks ago over whether Elle "stuck" Melissa McCarthy in an oversized coat on the cover of their November "Women in Hollywood" issue because she's not a 20-something twig. It's a valid discussion, and maybe there's some truth to that, but mostly I can't get over how deeply in love I am with that coat.

And the whole look, really. Maybe I just watch too much TV, but I think she looks like a femme fatale international spy from the 40s, like she could poison you with her lipstick, knows 16 different ways to kill you with a stiletto, and could do it all without being late to happy hour. In Pairs. Before jetting off to Vienna. Obviously.

The coat's $2,225. But like any good wanna be femme fatale, I won't let a little thing like price stop me, so I've scouted out the interwebz for some Elle-inspired cost-effective alternatives. Blah blah blah we live in Florida it's never cold, whatever. Maybe you're visiting family in the great north. Maybe you've got a three-week trip to the Arctic planned. Maybe you really are a spy who needs an awesome trench coat. I don't know your life. What I do know is that Ms. McCarthy is fabulous, and that coat is fabulous. So check out the slide show. Killer lipstick not included.


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