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Fashion fears: Eyeshadow

Remember those makeup kits they sell (or at least used to) in the toy section of dollar and department stores across America?

I finally wore down my mom, who bought me one when I was about 8. Too bad that more than two decades later, I still feel like I'm trying to figure those darn things out.

My fashion fear, folks? Eyeshadow.

It's mainly a question of how much is too much. Should I aim to match my skin tone or my outfit? Should I cake on extra so that the color shows up behind my glasses?

I think my fear stems from my high school years when -- not realizing that all those wild hot pink and orange palettes weren't necessarily meant for consumption by the entire general public -- I developed a fondness for blue shadow (my favorite color). One huge swipe from lash to brow.

The result? Yep, you guessed it: Photographic evidence will attest that it's really easy to cross over into a circus clown chic/80s glam rocker/Drew Carey's Mimi/dress up time look (which is sad because those kiddie makeup kits seem to scream that makeup artistry should be as simple as reading, writing and arithmetic) all rolled into one. Ugh!

Lately, I've found that I generally get compliments when I stick with deep purples or greens highlighted with light browns and golds. I haven't quite mastered blending techniques but I think I've found a happy medium that, depending on my eyeliner and mascara game, skews more professional or party than "GIRL, PLEASE!"

Yet, I'm still a work in progress. Any makeup mavens out there who can lay down the 411 on eyeshadow, mascara and the like?

And what are your fashion fears? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @DealDivas!

[Last modified: Thursday, May 15, 2014 5:03pm]


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