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Fashion fears: Learning to love lipstick

Ahhh, fashion fears. We've all got them, right? I've had quite a few: gold jewelry (conquered it). Wearing sneakers without feeling like I have clown feet (done and done). But one in particular remains.

It's more of a beauty fear, really. I have a deep seated fear of lip color. When I was 12 or 13ish, I bought this tube of lipgloss that I thought was a sort of understated shade somewhere between taupe and mauve. It had kind of a dark look but with enough pink shade to it that it seemed totally plausible.

So I bought it while out shopping with my mom. I slapped a bunch of it on in the car before we got to another store without looking in a mirror (yes -- without looking in a mirror. Oh, youth. Sweet, naive youth). I went into said store with my mom, walked around, looked at stuff, waited in the check out line with her and then went back to the car, all the while with the UGLIEST shade of brown caked on my lips without me having any idea.

I've been scared of lipstick ever since. I can never remember what shade I'm supposed to wear for my skin tone. I never actually know what my skin tone is. Is pale a skin tone? Am I fair? Am I medium fair? Am I beige? What is beige anyway?

I've always stuck with tinted lip gloss, and by tinted I mean pretty much clear. Usually the only thing tinted about it is whatever color the plastic tube it comes in is. I really, truly bought lipstick I intended to wear for something other than Halloween or a high school drama club production a few years ago, but even then it was the lightest shade of light light barely there peach I could find. It pretty much looked like I was wearing nothing on my lips.

But then I started watching Arrow on the CW (I'm sure I've mentioned it before... #tvnerd, #sorry), in which the formidable IT genius, awesome panda shoe wearing character of Felicity hacks into government databases while wearing the best shades of lipstick. It inspired me to step outside my comfort zone a little and start trying out different shades. I've found three so far that I like and don't think look completely ridiculous on me (in the slideshow above). I still don't actually use them a lot, but if I've got somewhere to go and I want a little extra pizzazz, I'll use some. It's a work in progress.

Keep an eye on the blog this week as we keep confronting our greatest fashion fears. And let us know, what are some of yours? Have you confronted them? Let's work through it together! Talk about it in the comments or on Twitter @dealdivas.




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