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Finally for this ex-swimmer, one-piece bathing suits are in style



I took a trip to my parents’ house in Jacksonville this weekend and, while digging through drawers of high school clothes to find a bathing suit, I stumbled on my extensive one-piece bathing suit collection.

After 10-plus years on competitive swim teams, I had 10-plus suits that left me with tan lines that still faintly show up on my body years after I quit the sport. I’ve accepted at this point that my stomach will be lighter than the rest of my body. Like, so-translucent-you-can-see-my-veins white.

The first time I wore a bikini at an eighth-grade beach day, I was so nervous that I spent most of the day with a towel around me. I’ve since gotten over that thanks to not being 13, but I’ve still gone most summers wishing that one-pieces were in style.

Well here I am, 10 years since my bikini debut, with my wish coming true — almost to a fault. There are so many styles and patterns now that I didn’t know where to begin.

At the suggestion of a style-savvy aunt, I started with I can afford exactly zero things on the website, but it had a massive selection that helped me narrow down some looks I liked.

I pretty much ruled out everything with cut-outs because the last thing I want is more abnormal tan (or, let's be real, sunburn) lines. I tended to gravitate toward plunging halters and bold, bright patterns. I was also into a few styles that could totally pass as swim team bathing suits except with more neutral colors that gave them more of a vintage feel.

Now on to the struggle of finding one in my price range. A few stores are having end-of-summer sales which make no sense in Florida, but I’m not complaining.

Land’s End is having a great sale with suits like this one with a bold floral pattern marked down to just $25.

Urban Outfitters also has a decent selection on sale. But it’s going fast. Three suits I loved over the weekend were sold out by this morning. (Ugh, so Monday.)

As always, Target has our backs with deals even at full price. Even better, most suits on the Marimekko for Target line are going for just under $11. (This one is my fave.)

ModCloth has an always-promising selection of vintage looks and patterns with a convenient “under $50” category. (I know I wasn’t feeling cut-outs, but I might make an exception for this one.)

The widest and best selection I found was on ASOS. A few suits were on sale, and a lot were less than $50 at full price. The selection is also edgier, with suits that will surely be eye-catching on the beach (or at pre-beach brunch).

I’m not sure which one I’ll order yet, but I will make sure whichever store I buy it from has a simple return policy. Bathing suits, as I’ve learned by now, don’t always look the way I think they will when I actually put them on. If all else fails, well, maybe I'll give competitive swimmer chic a try.

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