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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Scrunchies are back in style?



Let me guess. You woke up in a cold sweat last night after suffering a terrible nightmare that scrunchies had come back in style. And then you rolled over, grasping for a glass of water and catching your breath, relieved it was all a figment of your somnambulatory imagination.


The New York Times, eagle-eyed observer of all trends ever, has informed us that indeed, scrunchies are back. Keep in mind that not everything that's in style in New York is in style in Tampa Bay. Remember that Elaine from Seinfeld New York dress fad? My extenstive scientific research proved that people thought it was freaking weird. Nonethless, scrunchie-makers are hot on the case. I got a frenzied press release the same day from scünci, that CVS mutlipack scrunchie staple, letting me know that they they were special and gosh darnit, people liked them.

I had several spectacular scrunchies back in the day, and I usually paired them with overall shorts and a snap-crotch body suit in a jewel tone. Often, my scrunchies were more of a wrist accessory than a hair accoutrement, selected deliberately to tie in the yellows or greens in my alarmingly sexy silk sunflower vest (I know you're all, WERK, HUNTY).

Scrunchies had their merits. They were much softer on the hair than the fabric-covered rubber bands I use now, which routinely have gnarled strands of head thread attached to them that have clearly been ripped out of my scalp.

And they really are kind of festive and fun, right? I mean, look at their long history of fans. Donna Martin. Kelly Kapowski. All the Heathers. Now add models from Rag & Bone and Marc Jacobs and basically every cool person ever has a scrunchie.

Oh, good gravy. I might have just talked myself back into scrunchies.

What about you? Do you dare?

[Last modified: Friday, July 18, 2014 4:56pm]


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