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For the love of Mary-Kate and Ashley don't pay $100 for a scrunchie



Twelve years ago Sex & The City's Carrie Bradshaw proclaimed to her soon to be ex-boyfriend, Berger that: "no stylish woman in Manhattan would be caught dead wearing a scrunchie," unless maybe she was in the bathroom washing her face. He had written a novel about a N.Y. fashionplate and mentioned she wore one of the '80s trademark fabric-covered elsastics.

Carrie a.k.a. S.J.P was right. The scrunchie was long past the peak of its fashion lifespan when it was so prominently featured in the opening credits of the 1989 dark comedy "Heathers."

But even nails pounded into a coffin by Sarah Jessica Parker can be removed it seems allowing scrunchies by the thousands to flow back into the fashionsphere.

I've seen them at American Apparel for $3. A great vendor with a lot of throw back stuff sells them for about $5 at the St. Pete Indie Market.

But what's much more surprising than a scrunchie comeback is what some retailers have the nerve to charge for them.

Missoni sells crocheted scrunchies for $100. Nordstrom sells silk ones for $24 to $54. I mean, please tell me, who is paying that much money for a SCRUNCHIE? On second thought. Please don't tell me. I don't want to know.

I'm all for someone expressing her individuality with an accessory most deem as out of style. I'm all for keeping a girl's hair out of her face. (Hair in the face leaves a pimple in its place.)

But PLEASE for the love of Mary Kate and Ashley, don't pay more than $10 for a piece of elastic and cloth.

[Last modified: Thursday, September 24, 2015 5:12pm]


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