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From lovely lobs to puffy lips, trends to keep or toss in 2016



We made it to the end of the year, our closets bursting with new acquisitions and some we'd rather forget. Here at Deal Divas HQ, we are reflecting on the hits and misses of 2015, grateful high-waisted pants were not so much of a thing this year, but concerned for the lip health of the youth of tomorrow. So, what should stay in 2016, and what should go? Here are some proposals:

KEEP IT: The Lob

The lob, or "long bob" was the haircut du jour this year, a pleasant length between Rapunzel and Imperator Furiosa. Usually angled to be a little longer in the front, the lob looks sleek when styled straight or sassed up with the help of a curling wand. This classy cut has legs into the new year. In fact, Deal Diva Katie just got herself a fresh lob a week ago, and she has been working it like it's her last hair day on Earth. *snaps*

LOSE IT: The Man Bun

Do you feel an overwhelming desire to palm every man bun you see and cut it off at the base in the manner of a Trojan warrior? Did you assume you were being trolled by the universe when a line of clip-on man buns made way around the Internet this year? You're not alone. We're not gender-normative here or anything, and long hair on guys can be cool, of course. But this look is tired, and guys are ready to graduate past the messy style that most women only wear after they have had their wisdom teeth out.

KEEP IT: Brights in fall

If you haven't noticed lately, it's nearly January and it's 84 degrees. There is not a single argument on the planet for retiring your neons, brights and whites at this time, other than, you have kind of a weird relationship with your mother that you don't really want to test right now.

LOSE IT: Athleisure

Exercise clothes are functional, even cute, for doing athletic things. Athleisure is what happens when you wear this stuff ALL THE TIME. This one is hard, guys! A few times in 2015, I felt myself slipping. I would leave the gym in workout pants and some sort of moisture-wicking top with every intention to change before continuing in polite society. Then I'd be like, "I'll just slip into Home Goods and see if they have that spiralizer," and then I'd be like, "You know, some Starbucks would be great," and before I knew it, I was walking around a TJX property as the Most Basic Person Ever, clutching a latte and wearing the same stretchy pants as 15 other women. It's like some sort of modern Stepford situation in which actual clothes with working fasteners have been traded for elastic body slings. These things are comfortable, and have increased greatly in style (here's a sale today at Old Navy). But maybe we can aim higher in 2016. Let's all put on clothes! Real clothes! (TBH, I'll probably see you next week at Home Goods in Dri Fit, though, because I just need to get some trivets real quick.)

KEEP IT: 1990s vibe

On the one hand, seeing young women wearing the knee socks, chunky shoes, oversized sweaters and flannel shirts of My So Called Life makes me want to focus on shoring up my 401K because the end is obviously near. On the other hand, it's kind of delightful to think a current crop of teenagers is on the fast track to discovering Jordan Catalano, so let's let this one ride another year.

LOSE IT: Tattoo jewelry

There's something very Cracker Jack prize about temporary tattoos. It's a new year, and you're already planning to give up corn sugars anyway.

KEEP IT: Ear jackets

Who says the back of an earring has to be boring? The variety of so-called "ear jackets" has been refreshing this year, from cool art deco styles to ear cuffs that snake up the side of your bored, plain cartilage. I'm exclusively a clip-on wearer, so I hope more funky varieties that don't involve posts flood the jewelry counters in 2016.

LOSE IT: Inflating your lips

So help me, Kylie. If I see one more online tutorial on how to suck your lips into a shot glass to make them temporarily bigger, I will start reporting each case to the proper authorities (I'm thinking either Doctor Phil, or Judge Greg Mathis). Do you know what this does? This makes you look like a cast member from Mob Wives who has fallen asleep on an Alabama Slammer. This does not make you more beautiful than you already are.  

GIVE IT A BREAK: Pink hair

Listen. There's nothing wrong with dip-dyed hair in a variety of happy Easter egg colors. But after the whole Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton/Gwen Stefani Love Triangle of Terror and the pink hair red carpet shade-throwing involved, everyone needs to step away for a little while in the spirit of perspective and healing. We can bring it back out if Gwen leaves Blake for Pharrell, but by then we'll probably be moved onto something new, like berets made of bits of weave.

Here's to a very stylish 2016!

[Last modified: Wednesday, December 30, 2015 5:24pm]


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