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Fun TV fashion, celebs' new jobs and more to look for in 2014



We bid adieu to another year this week. See ya to 2013, hellllllo 2014, how you doin'? Deal Diva Stephanie took a look back at this year's trends--some of them awesome, some of them whackadoodle. So I'm going to look ahead to the fashion and fashion-adjacent things I'm looking forward to in 2014. My scientific, in-no-particular-order list:

More news on Blake Lively's new Company that will do a Thing

The former Serena Van Der Woodsen (spoiler!) Humphrey has seemingly made a full time job out of nesting since marrying Ryan Reynolds. Well, according to the great and powerful Wikipedia that's not entirely true because she's got a movie coming out in 2014. AND she's starting a company. Yes, in case you missed it this year, she's starting a lifestyle company that is apparently about storytelling and curating a really rad life. So of course everyone's saying it's probably like Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP but for wealthy 20-somethings instead of wealthy 30-and-above-somethings. I for one am excited to hear more about this in 2014. I hope it goes well for her, but I also hope it's kind of crazy. In the meantime if you're really into GOOP and want more GOOP-like celebrity sites that do whatever it is that GOOP does, here's a handy list from the New York Times.

The return of Pretty Little Liars

You don't have to worry about spoilers with this blurb, but everything's so insane after the last episode that aired that I'm not sure I could spoil it if I tried. Yes, I'm super eager to learn more about all the various potential As and what their beef with Alison could possibly be that seemingly has everyone in Rosewood involved in some super long con to mess with her four friends' heads. BUT. What I'm really looking forward to is the fashion. Gorgeous masquerade gowns they manage to scrounge together by the end of the episode for a dance that they only sort of planned on going to. Shoes that are completely impractical for running after shadowy figures in the woods. Like Hannah says, "I wear three inches, or I wear nothing." Or Aria's mom, who put it best when she said to her daughter, "Wait, why am I asking you? You wear forks as earrings."

More fashion/movie mashups

Covergirl gave us that awesome Capitol Beauty makeup line. If you're a really committed Hunger Games fan and have Capitol money to burn,  you can get a Catching Fire arena-inspired track suit for $500. What's ahead for 2014? A Vampire Academy nail polish line with cheeky vampire-inspired names? Divergent temporary tats? Get on that, movie merch people.

Fashion-related stories that aren't depressing and all about the prevalence of Photoshop

Karrie, a 17-year-old Wet Seal fan with Down syndrome, got the opportunity to go to California, do a professional modeling shoot with the company, go to a product line kick-off and go on a shopping spree. (I'm digging the jacket and pants in the last photo.) Local stylist Neki Campbell gifted makeovers to single moms. Pantene told gender stereotypes to take a hike with a new commercial. More of this in 2014, plz!


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