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Guess what? I don't have to stab myself in the eye with a mascara wand anymore

I still might, but it will be on me.

screenshot via pinterest

I still might, but it will be on me.



I have bad vision like the pope has religion.

When I don't have contacts or glasses in, I can't tell that the people around me are human. I have mistaken a laptop bag for my dog. If my glasses fall off my nightstand, it can take several minutes before I find them on the floor. Sometimes my laptop bag/dog finds them first.

So on days when I want to wear my glasses but also put on makeup, everything is a nightmare, because I can't see my face as I am applying makeup.

But all that's about to change, thanks to a random, promoted tweet I saw about an hour ago and have decided I must act upon.

The tweet was about SpecsUp, a small, simple device that holds your glasses off your face but keeps them in your eyeline as you put your face on. I can't believe I haven't seen this on Shark Tank. From the website:

SpecsUp keeps your glasses away from your eyes, but is close enough not to interfere with the sharpness of your vision. It leaves you with plenty of space to apply all of your makeup, including eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, etc. Something missing? Yes, there is enough room beneath your glasses to use an eyelash curler with ease. All of this is possible with the comfort of your own glasses and in front of your favorite mirror.

It is $12.99, which is apparently a special Mother's Day price, a great reminder to buy my mom a card. And even better (nothing's better than you, mom!), it comes in a whole range of styles: black glitter, red glitter, blue marble, a variety of woods...

This may seem silly to all you seeing-people whom evolution would have favored had not my bros in the world of science invented glasses and given the finger to natural selection, but trust me: this is the final frontier.

Who's with me??

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