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Hairy situation in North Korea: Kim Jong Un appoints himself fashion police?



When I was an 11-year-old newly minted middle schooler, I thought I had it tough. My mom had the job and the money, which meant no amount of whining and pleading would result in my gaining full control of my wardrobe or hair.

I didn't have the hottest new sneaker to hit the teen market, but at least my mom let me have free reign of the thrift store and get creative with my homemade decorations and alterations. I wasn't yet old enough to go to the salon, but my grandmother did her best attempting to recreate whichever look I coveted at the moment.

Years later, I see the error of my ways. It really wasn't that bad.

And besides, being a fashionista in North Korea is waaaaaay harder.

For years, both men and women have been subject to stringent hair rules, which include an alleged state-sanctioned list of hairstyles: 18 for women and 10 for men.

Now, a news report based on anonymous (and, possibly questionable) sources is setting the blogosphere in a tizzy: University students of the male persuasion -- a gender notoriously known in the fashion world as having fewer options to express individuality anyway -- are reportedly being told that North Korean leader-turned-apparent fashion maven Kim Jong Un has restricted their list of approved 'dos to just one.

His own.

If the rumor's true, Kim's alleged hair-raising style advice isn't necessarily a bad move. After all, the modified high top fade sorta thing he has going on was very popular in the early 90's. And in fashion, it's oft said that everything old is new again. Right? Right?!

But I'll let y'all decide. Scroll through the slideshow to take a gander at the supposed approved styles for women and those previously deemed okay for men. Which are your faves? What are your thoughts on the hair ban? Is Kim's  look a do (no pun intended) or don't?

[Last modified: Thursday, March 27, 2014 4:16pm]


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