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'Hamilton' star Daveed Diggs uses Coconut Curls, shampoo from a Clearwater company that just sold for a ton of money

Feast upon this hair, cleaned with Clearwater-based Coconut Curls.

Photo by Scott Gries/Invision/AP

Feast upon this hair, cleaned with Clearwater-based Coconut Curls.

There are rare moments in life when all your interests converge and you feel utterly enlightened, like John Nash standing at a foggy window. This happened to me, when the following items recently combined. I would encourage you to imagine these as a Power Point, with the words shooting across the screen to a coordinating "woosh" noise.




"Daveed Diggs uses Coconut Curls!" I breathlessly proclaimed around the newsroom.

Who, what? Coconut Curls is a product from OGX, which is a product from Vogue International, which is a privately held Clearwater company that just sold for $3.3 billion to Johnson & Johnson. You guys will definitely recognize this brand. Read all about it from Robert Trigaux here. Daveed Diggs is one of the stars of Hamilton on Broadway. He is up for a Tony next week. He plays Thomas Jefferson and is SPECTACULAR, only outshined by his buoyant head of hair. Here is a delightful New York Times piece about his Sunday style

Local shampoo! National celebrity! 

I was like:

Everyone else was like:

I can't blame everyone for recoiling as I ran around screaming about Thomas Jefferson's hair care. But, whatever!

How did we get to this point? Come on a journey of the mind, as Alexander Hamilton once journeyed across a briny sea on a trading charter to a new and fruitful land.

Lately, p. much the only thing I've been doing is listening to Hamilton on repeat and crying. This phase should pass, like the yogurt parfait phase, or the ritual self-tanning phase. But for now, I'm rolling up to Target blasting, "YOU'RE GONNA NEED CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL AND YOU DON'T HAVE THE VOTES," applying eye shadow to, "IF NEW YORK IS IN DEBT WHY SHOULD VIRGINIA BEAR IT?" Deal Diva Michelle, who might be more obsessed than I am, has offered camaraderie. We went to happy hour last week to talk about work, but we mostly examined the nuances between Cabinet Battle #1 and Cabinet Battle #2.

This recent life direction also involves consuming everything Hamilton-related (except, you know, the actual play, cue tears). A few days ago, Daveed Diggs did a Facebook live chat from his dressing room as he got ready to go on stage in his other role of Marquis de Lafayette. Fans asked which role he liked playing better, his favorite song in the show and more. They also wanted to know about his lush hair.

"It's whatever my girlfriend buys at the store," he said. "And I just took it upon myself to look this morning when I took a shower. And it's called Coconut Curls. And it's got coconut in it!"


If you want to support a locally grown business and also kind of weirdly stalk your Broadway idols to the point at which you start to mimic what they do and your friends get a little concerned and everyone finally confronts you about it over a dinner disguised as a birthday thing, you can! This shampoo is available in stores all over the place for about $6.

Hamilton tickets, sadly, will cost a little more.

Now, please enjoy this video of Daveed Diggs rapping for Jimmy Fallon.

[Last modified: Friday, June 3, 2016 4:16pm]


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