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Hanging with the boys in menswear styles



Practically every year, the fashion world lets us little bonnie lasses know that it's alright to dress like men. This, to me, feels anticlimactic in 2013, a time when gender roles in fashion have blended past the point of return, slip-sliding ever since Katharine Hepburn started wearing pants. Recently, a colleague of mine went on a shopping spree with a teenage girl and Flo Rida (low, low, low, low), and noticed that the girl picked out both a pair of boyish sneakers and a feminine watch. And it's no longer revolutionary to see a woman in a pair of baggy "boyfriend" jeans or an oversized "grandpa" cardigan. In fact, they can look inherently feminine when paired with more closely-cut styles, and I love that.

Well, anyway, HEY, GUESS WHAT, MENSWEAR IS IN STYLE. Check the slideshow for some options that are filtering into stores right now, from Stuart Weitzman to LOFT to Banana Republic to Kohl's to H&M. We're focusing on new fall trends, so many of these are full priced. But you weren't born yesterday. You know to wait for the sale, especially in Florida, where even a big, burly man can't sweat it out for too long in a tweed menswear blazer.

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