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How to cope with clip-on earrings

These clip-on earrings are little torture devices, that's what they are.

These clip-on earrings are little torture devices, that's what they are.



When I was 10, my mom took me to Claire's to get my ears pierced. It was a little late in life compared to my peers, but that's how long it took to prove I really wanted holes in my earlobes forever. The procedure itself is not as memorable as what happened next.

I showed off my new and mature look to my classy grandmother. She was really against pierced ears and had a massive collection of bold clip-on earrings to prove it. She took one look at my sparkly pink studs and said, "This is the worst thing you've ever done."

I have never, ever regretted getting my ears pierced, even in the face of letting down one of my biggest (but slightly dramatic) fans. Really, it's about pain. The clip-on alternative hurts so much. It's a drastic measure best deployed for targeted effect, like capping off a retro look at work.

That's what I was going for this morning. I bought two pairs of clip-on earrings with big clustered jewels from the Iron Pelican antique store this weekend ($2!), mostly out of fondness and respect for Buddy. I wore the black pair this morning, feeling chic, unique and very, very good.

Barely an hour passed before all of my ill will for those dreadful snaps resurged. My lobes ached, so I took off the earrings and complained to my friend Hilary. She surprised me with a suggestion: Take them to the jewelry store, where the backs can be converted into posts. I verified this with a St. Petersburg jewelry repairwoman, who estimated it would cost $8 to turn one pair into posts.

The clip-on quandary is common across the Internets, and other suggestions include buying adhesive pads to soften the squeeze.

Did you find this post helpful? Have a better idea? Have a grandmother who otherwise loved you very much but there was that one thing you did that she really wasn't proud of? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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