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I'm returning, whether or not it's against store policy

I've been here all this time. You just thought I was a burrito, and I get that.

I've been here all this time. You just thought I was a burrito, and I get that.



Well would you look who the cat dragged in.

It's been a long spell since my last Deal Diva post, hasn't it? I was in crunch mode for an education reporting project that I've since blacked out and replaced with planted memories of a Vegas residency and Celine cat fight and, really, who's to say what really happened? Certainly not you. Hey, can we block comments on this post?

Anyway, I'm back. And it's so nice to see you! While I haven't been posting, I have still been in full-on Deal Diva mode, and I thought I'd share the top five things I wanted to tell you guys but couldn't, due to Celine's watchful eye.

Here is what I have learned in my absence:

1. Vanity sizing is real, and I love it. I signed up for Stitch Fix a few months ago (more on that later), and was introduced to the brand Kut From The Kloth. I'm typically one of two sizes, and when it comes to pants, it's usually the larger size. Not with KFTK - the smaller size is the perfect fit and, in relaxed fit jeans, even a bit big. So what if it's an open secret that KFTK vanity sizes? The confidence boost is real. And this great pair of KFTK boyfriend jeans is on sale, hard, for $29.99 at Nordstrom Rack.

2. It's not OK to mix metals - it's wonderful. In 2014, every alert man in my friend circle proposed to his girlfriend. As my lady friends got engaged, I remember a conversation about white gold rings and whether they mean a lifetime of matching silver jewelry. Fellow Diva Katie said no, she felt perfectly stylish wearing yellow gold jewelry while rocking her other-hued ring. And I have to say I agree. Katie is also the blessing that got me into Catbird, a Brooklyn-based jewelry company that definitively proves silver, yellow gold and rose gold can all hang out, even in the same piece, and look gorgeous.

3. "Old lady" brands are young lady brands. I decided to splurge on foundation a few months ago, and this sojourn took me to Sephora at IP. They have this great little tool that reads your skin-tone and finds perfect matches in their computer system. I was a little surprised when my perfect match was Lancome. I tend to lump it in with Estee Lauder, Clinique, and other brands that seem like moms to hip labels like MAC, Benefit, and the like. But you know what? This Lancome foundation is a game changer, and I realized there's a good reason these "older" brands have stood the test of time.

4. I am never going to look like Taylor Swift. Two-thousand fifteen was the year I went from literally never working out to hitting the gym four times a week. It's great, I feel strong and confident, I'm an Orange Theory Fitness cultist, etc. But transforming your body into its best self is not transforming into somebody else. And that's good! Why should we all look like one person who probably wishes her X was more like Y and her Z didn't W so much in the mirror. We are all crazy self-conscious idiots. All we can do is work with, be proud of, and own what we've got.

5. And finally, what you may not expect to hear on Deal Divas: It's OK to splurge. Being thrifty is not only great on my wallet, but fun. Finding a designer dress for a total steal after a good hunt? Hell yes. But that doesn't mean you're a bad person when you spend a little money now and then, especially if it's on something you'll love that will last for years. I initially resisted Stitch Fix, a personal styling service that Diva Lydia hailed back in February, because as appealing as it sounded, what was I, some kind of war heiress? Did the ghost of General Hickory haunt my money closet? And then one day I just tried it, found things I loved and would never have picked out for myself, and yeah, spent a little bit of money. I can afford it and it makes me happy. And isn't that the point of all this nonsense?

Being happy is pretty neat. And I plan to do a lot of it in 2016. Thanks for having me back, Diva readers. Let's do this thing.

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