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What we don't love about the Olympics

There's not much we don't love about the Olympic Games.

Here are the exceptions.

Footie pajamas, a.k.a. male gymnastics uniforms.



Sports bras on top of body suits. 


Scrunchies, anywhere, but especially women's gymnastics. While we're on the subject, sloppy buns. When going for the gold, do it right.


Water polo bonnets.


And ultra low-slung water polo bottoms.


Ryan Lochte's grill. Congrats on the gold. Now please close your mouth like you did when you were wearing the made-in-China Ralph Lauren uniform.


We're just like:


Deal Diva Katie

Photos: AP, Getty.


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My Outfit Monday: The one about how great Deal Divas think alike

turquoise.jpgI could not have asked for a better work twin this morning.

For reasons unknown, Deal Diva Kameel and I chose the same approach to this, erm, fine Monday morning (which, for me, began with dropping a new crate of blueberries onto the kitchen floor and declaring, "That's it, I'm never trying to pack healthful snacks again.").

Here we punched up basic black and white hues with seriously bright turquoise tops.

This post was supposed to be an ode to Target, where I purchased the patent round-toed heels and dress. Then Kameel rolled in looking like my wardrobe double and threw everything off (in a great, choice-affirming way).

Kameel explains via GChat: "I just wanted to start the week off with something bright and fun. But not go too crazy b.c after all, it IS still Monday."

Yes, what she said.

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Because you know you're going shopping anyway...

Come on, who are we kidding? It's no secret what weekends are for:

1. Sleeping 2. Shopping 3. Shopping 4. Shopping 5. Shopping.

So while you're out there this weekend, don't forget Neiman Marcus' "Last Call Sale." A colleague reminded me about it earlier this week.

And just your/our luck, it actually goes through Wednesday, so there's no excuse not to check it out. The fashion gods whispered to us that items -- inclduing clothes and home goods -- will be marked up to 65 percent off. 

That is all. 

Deal Diva Kameel

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Deal Diva Interview: Gene Simmons' wife and daughter, Shannon and Sophie, launch line on HSN

shannon_and_sophie.jpgShannon Tweed-Simmons is not sure she's ready to sell accessories through the magic of television.

"I don't know what to expect," she said. "I've never done this before. It's very exciting. If it's anything like an interview or a reality show, I'm ready."

The former Playboy Playmate and wife of betongued KISS rocker Gene Simmons is debuting an HSN fashion line Monday with her daughter, Sophie Tweed-Simmons — Sophie & Shannon's Jewel Box. They'll appear live from the HSN studio in St. Petersburg, doing the on-air thing, talking up their bangle bracelets, fringe belts and cellphone purses, plus a special dress they came up with together.

Ask her to describe that dress, and she sounds ready.

"The fabric is thick enough to be forgiving," she said. "It's not tight, but it's not a baggy dress. It just sort of skims the body. It's got a low enough neckline that you can get some cleavage if you do the right bra. It's not so huggy that you see bra bulges."

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Freebies and bubbly alert: Little Brooklyn Vintage is throwing a masquerade


Have mysterious, fun plans for the weekend?

Little Brooklyn Vintage in downtown St. Petersburg is throwing a Midsummer Masquerade on Saturday, complete with champagne, giveaways, music and cupcakes. (The invitation art is pretty darn cute.)

The best part: Admission is free! No cover charge here.

The party is from 7p.m. to 11 p.m.

The flier notes: "Fancy pants encouraged, bring your own mask or wear of our handcrafted ones."

They don't tell you this on the flier, but if you wear a mask (think Anne Hathaway as Catwoman at the swank socialite party in The Dark Knight Rises, or Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette) then you get 10 percent off your purchase.

The store is located at 120 Second St. S in St. Petersburg, next to Z Grille and adjacent to Kahwa Coffee.

They've been at the new location for about six months.

We perused the store's Etsy shop and Tumblr and found some pretty cool stuff.


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Reader Update: A successful thrifting trip!

polkadot.jpgThis is overdue.

Remember a couple weeks ago when we celebrated Let's Just Look At Pretty Things Thursday?

Well, later that day, I gave away a 50 percent off coupon for Tampa's Sunshine Thrift because there was no way I could use it.

Reader Jenn Nguyen scooped it up, went shopping, and made out like a bandit. She was kind enough to share pictures with us. 


In Jenn's words:"The Espirit flowery dress is so comfortable and such a great fit for me. ... The polka dotted ditty will be a great little piece to wear with my blazer for work/school."

Now, Jenn says it was her first time at Sunshine AND her first time thrifting without her mom, but I say she's well on her way to being a pro.

With the coupon, her total was only $3.69! 

Go girl!

Deal Diva Kameel

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Be jealous of my new purse

I rarely buy anything on a whim. Like a good little diva, I typically do my homework before going shopping. I decide exactly what I need and hunt for the best price before opening my wallet.

This was different.

On a recent trip to Target the other day, I decided to pop in to the adjacent DSW to scope out their selection of nude pumps -- something I've been searching for for awhile. Instead, I was faced with a pile of black leather goodness. Clutches, handbags, briefcases and a myriad of other satchels coaxed me to come closer. And, divas, I did. 

From the leathery abyss I fished out a simple, beautiful, utilitarian cross-body bag with the perfect amount of space for all my notebooks and pens and other stuff I carry around every day. The best part? Behind several sale stickers, with the most recent price being $48, I could still see its original price on the tag: $138. 

"But, but, but," my inner voice stammered, "I only came to look at shoes." …

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Preview of new Nicole Richie line for Macy's

I was JUST thinking the other day, "I miss Nicole Richie."

I see her every so often in a fashion mag or online, and I know she was on that show with Jessica Simpson that was too trainwrecky to even try. But I'm talking old-school Nicole Richie, the Nicole Richie from the Simple Life, the Nicole Richie who threw bleach on pool tables and rolled around a grocery store dressed as a giant Sonic cup. Out of all the overexposed early 2000s Hiltonian celebutantes, I always thought she was the most natural and entertaining. I will not lie.


So. Much. Denim. …

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Accidentally on trend with bargain gold-dipped flats

Sunday marked my first trip to Marshalls as a St. Petersburg resident.

goldtoes.jpgActually -- and this is embarrassing -- it was probably my first trip to Marshalls ever. You're laughing, aren't you? Please stop, I'm sensitive. I'm a former small-town girl, and we didn't have these things.

Point is, I cleaned up, scoring several sorely-needed tops, tops, tops, tops-tops-tops tops for work. And the Marsh Madness didn't stop there.

Look at these gold-dipped flats coated in iridescent, neutral paint by BCBGeneration. For $25, my heart leapt, and my wallet opened, and I forgot all about how I went in the store for plain black flats.

Since I'm also very humble and tight-lipped about these finds, I spent Monday doing a lot of bragging to colleagues. Deal Diva Stephanie could have told me to can it. Instead she made my day, showing me this page from her US Weekly magazine.

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My Outfit Monday: Daytripping

Ifedora_1.jpg was lucky enough to get the day off to spend with a dear friend who's visiting from Vegas. I was not, however, able to escape the cloudy skies, even after driving halfway across the state. 

Yes, the threat of rain is imminent today. But I decided I didn't have to dress like it!

My outfit was, coincidentally, inspired by a recent trip to D.C., where I noticed that fedoras and other hats are a real fad.

Being a longtime hat lover, I figured a (potentially) rainy day provided the perfect opportunity to break out this recent Tar-jay purchase.

I paired it with a sleeveless blouse I bought years ago from Wet Seal. I can't remember where the seersucker shorts are from. The gladiator sandals are from Walmart.

Comfy and casual.

How'd I do, fashionistas?

Deal Diva Keyonna

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Celeb Boutique tries to sell dresses with tacky Aurora tweet

And now for your daily outrage, courtesy of The Juice.

Celeb Boutique tries to sell Kim Kardashian dresses after Aurora shooting


Follow the link, and then let's all frown together.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: Celeb Boutique

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Trashion Fashion show Saturday at ARTpool Gallery!

artpool_trashion.jpgIs your home overrun with old shower curtains and empty Diet Coke cans? Pile them on your head and go to ARTpool Gallery in St. Petersburg Saturday for Trashion Fashion, the trashiest fashion show in town. More than 20 designers are showing amazing couture creations made from recycled materials.

This is always a big show in town, but this year it's going to be even bigger. I stopped by Marina Williams' new gallery recently, and guys, it is HUGE. The old gallery was a bit cramped, but these days, Marina has a massive outdoor space in addition to the roomy store. She told me there will be a runway, fancy lights, sound, art, music. The models are going to be styled by Aveda hairstylists. Here's the story I wrote about the new space.

ARTpool's Trashion Fashion show runs from 8 p.m. to midnight Saturday at ARTpool, 2030 Central Avenue, right across from Haslam's Book Store. General admission is $20 in advance, $25 day of. You can buy them online here. VIP seating is $45 and includes a swag bag, two free drinks and snacks. All ages are welcome. …

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Check out a preview of stuff you'll find this fall at Macy's

blueblazer.jpgReason #847 I love being a Deal Diva: 

We get sneak peeks of a lot of cool clothes, shoes and other fashion items.

Reason #847 YOU love us (I hope):

We don't keep it to ourselves ;P

And so, dear readers, I bring you this: Macy's lookbook for fall 2012, hot off the presses -- er, email.

Click here for the full thing.

Trust me, you might want to grab a cup of coffee while you browse.

There's everything  - career frocks for women, maroon corduroys for your guy (I'm not kidding), Madonna's Material Girl line for the tween in your life, and lots of shoes and accessories too. 

Granted, we'll probably have to wait until most of this stuff goes on sale before we get our paws on it, but it's nice to look anyway.

But other things, like this adorable blue Style&Co blazer ($59) may be worth the splurge. 

In any case, here are some of my other faves from the lookbook. Check it out and let us know yours!


 These SCREAM me, right? Check out the details on the heel. Thank you Rachel Roy. Too bad they're $110.


 I could do without the tights, but I love this skirt. It's $69.

Deal Diva Kameel

(Photos from Macy's lookbook)

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Jill's Steals and Deals attempt two: Aziam workout pants 75 percent off

brick_trident.jpgLast time I directed you guys to Jill's Steals and Deals from the Today show, it turned into a bloodbath not unlike the Anchorman scene in which Brick kills a guy with a trident (right). Apparently everyone in America also really wanted those Aerosoles boots. I understand. After five hours of trying to get through, I finally got a pair, and they are a treasure.

I've been wary of the stampeding Steals and Deals train ever since. But this morning, they sucked me in. There's a great deal today on Aziam workout pants, marked down from $88 to $22 when you use the promo code TODAYAZIAM. I'm always looking for sweet deals on workout pants, because the ones in sporting goods stores are affordable only to Olympians with a Wheaties deal.

This time, the process was smooth like butter. I got right through, no hassle, no stress. If you're in the market for this kind of thing, I will cautiously re-endorse Steals and Deals. I picked the charcoal capris. I love fitted capri length workout pants. The long ones are always too long on me, and all my flare capris make me feel wide. But there are a couple options here, so to each her own.


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Two days till big Nordstrom sale

 Friday might be a good time to take a personal day. That's when Nordstrom begins its big anniversary sale, with fall stuff on sale just for only a couple weeks.

Check out their online catalog for a sneak preview. Here's some pieces I'm loving: 

rubbish_sweater.jpgThis cozy sweater, on sale for $30 down from $48. 













bpflat.jpgThese flashy flats. Regularly priced at $80, they're on sale for $50.





truthpridejacket.jpgAnd, sigh, today's installment of wishful thinking: this tangerine leather biker jacket, only $400. That's down from $600, though... so, totally fine. 











Deal Diva Kim 


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