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H&M will open in Tyrone Mall in St. Petersburg Sept. 13

hm_leopard.jpgAnd, we have a date!

H&M will open in Tyrone Square Mall in St. Petersburg Sept. 13! Before now, they've just been saying "fall," but the folks at H&M emailed us to tell us the date.  We're super excited to have yet another H&M store here in town after waiting so many years and loading up H&M shopping bags every time we went on vacations out of town.

Great timing, too. Tampa Bay Fashion Week starts Sept. 15, and you know you're going to need something non-scrubby to wear to the events. Get thee to the mall.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: H&M leopard blouse, $17.95. Need.

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Speaking of shoes...

OK, we weren't really doing that. But come on, shoes are never far from your mind, right? photo_0.jpg

Right? Or am I the only one being honest today? 

Uh huh. Thought so. 

Well if you've got shoes on the brain and cash in your pocket (I only have one of those, unfortunately. Guess which?) then you'll be glad to hear about this: 

Dillard's is having its summer shoe sale!!!!!!!!

As you see fron the giant ad that ran in this week's TBT* it's all about the ladies this time - except not really. 

Women's shoes are on clearance and up to 65 percent off, but you'll also notice that the guys get a sale too. Men's shoes are half off. 

Either way, pretty good deal. 

So, now I'll let you go try to forget that A) You weren't trying to think of an excuse to go shoe shopping anyway and B) You now have an excuse to go shoe shopping. 

Happy hunting

-Deal Diva Kameel

(Photo: my iPhone)

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In a sea of pink, she stood out

photo_0.jpgIf you hadn't noticed, we're all RNC-ing it up over here.

It's hard to ignore, right? The visitors, the traffic, the protests....

On Wednesday, I was part of a team of reporters covering the latter. During one of the early ones - sponsored by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund - I met USF grad student Natalie Rella.

In a sea of pink, she stood out.

Rella was one of the keynote speakers at the rally, held at Tampa's Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park.

While the majority of the people there were decked out in pink T-shirts,shorts and flip flops, Rella chose this chic little blue and black sheath dress, heels and a pink button that read "Uterus."

The afternoon showers that interupted the rally didn't seem to phase her either. So after our interview, I whipped out my camera and got into Deal Diva mode. 

Rella was all too happy to give me the scoop. 

She says she got the dress from Ann Taylor.

"It was from the sale rack," she said. " $40."

What about the shoes?

"They've been in my closet for a while," she said. "Maybe Dillards?"

Well done, I say.

Deal Diva Kameel

(Photo: my iPhone)

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Look at these elephant heels!


Talk about spirit.

Times photographer Edmund Fountain captured these very impressive heels sported today by guest Katie McKean at the Republican National Convention. Katie, if you're reading this, please tell us where you got these.

Deal Diva Katie 

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Goodbye from Deal Diva Kim

We've lamented rompers together, explored the weird world of dickies and thrifted our hearts out. 

It's been great, divas. And I'm sorry to say goodbye.

deal_diva.jpgAfter four years at the Tampa Bay Times, and two years writing for Deal Divas, I'm moving to Tallahassee for a new job. I'll be the director of communications for the state university system (In my non-diva time, I've worked as the Times' higher education reporter). It's an exciting opportunity, but bittersweet all the same.

We've been through a lot together: Black Fridays, coupon crazesjeggings, hair shimmers and the interesting experience of wearing pink bras out in public. You've critiqued my outfits, helped me choose bridesmaid shoes for my best friend's wedding and, gosh, I'll say it again, pondered the weird world of dickies with me. 

I'll miss you.

Keep up the sale-scouring and the snark. I'll be right there with you, loyally reading from the other side. 

Deal Diva Kim

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Just say NO to denim+leather pants

Two weeks ago, before the Republican National Convention came to town and demanded the energy and attention of the Deal Divas, I was relaxing on a remote island of the Florida Keys, thumbing through US Weekly and People without a care in the world.

Okay, I can't lie to you, deevs. I had one care.

I developed really strong feelings about the fall trend of mixing leather and denim.

Now before you pummel me with razor-sharp objections, please know I think jeans with leather jackets and leather pants with denim tops are fine looks. Really, go for it, seriously, whatever.

But do not go where Jake Timberlake would lead you. Do not combine these fabrics into a single pair of pants.

Consider Exhibit A from the website of Marie Claire:


What is even going on anymore? These William Rast pants deserve my favorite adjective for that which I unapologetically loathe.

Heinous. I am whipping out the word "heinous,"  folks, and no one can stop me. Certainly not these tacky pants and their awful patchwork cousins pushed by other designers.


Justin, I am demanding a retraction, an apology and another hip-hop collaboration with Timbaland.

Deal Diva Katie

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My Outfit Monday: Ode to Isaac

Visitors in town for the Republican National Convention weren’t the only ones forced to change plans because of Isaac.

I was all prepared to break out my new wrap dress for My Outfit Monday. Then Tropical Storm Isaac decided he wanted to swing through town.


The good news is that the winds and rain that Isaac brought with him aren’t as bad as weather forecasters had feared.

The bad news is that there’s no telling if things could take a sudden turn for the worse.

Ergo … choosing an outfit this morning turned into a matter of towing the line between practical and professional.

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Fashions from the RNC welcome party

I went to the Republican National Convention party at Tropicana Field Sunday, and from a style perspective one thing was clear. Khaki pants and navy blue jackets are the uniform. Look at all these guys.


I'm digging the red dress, though.

We weren't allowed to wear high heels into the Trop, and men weren't allowed to wear ties, which must have been a security thing. I went with a wedge heel, and so did most of the other women there who weren't in flats. It's about semantics and nuance when it comes to footwear restrictions, and the rulemakers must understand this. I was ready to explain in detail the difference between the two if questioned. But it never came to that.

These women, however, wore full stiletto spikes. They were also all dressed the same, so I gently and subtly yelled, "WHY ARE YOU ALL DRESSED THE SAME?" over the Rodney Atkins concert. They said they were hostesses for Grey Goose vodka. Someone on Instagram wanted to know if the blue dresses were a political statement. I'm going to assume it was more of a marketing thing since Grey Goose's label is blue, but fair question in a sea of red!

grey_goose.jpg …

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Oxblood: A fall fashion massacre

Listen. "Oxblood" is the official name of the big color for fall, and we have to deal with it. There was a spread about it in Glamour this month, and I keep getting emails about "THE LATEST OXBLOOD ACCESSORIES." Every time I see the word, I just picture a 1980s horror movie in which deranged oxen massacre an attractive yet daft group of teens taking a summer road trip through the woods. It would probably star a young Renee Zellweger, and it would become a cult classic.

No one wants that, so let's go with "burgundy." It really is a beautiful color, a strong jewel tone that's not reminiscent of your school's laser-light photo background from the third grade.  It's deep, rich, mature. Looks great on all skin.

Here were have a burgundy dress from H&M, $39.95. I love the Peter Pan collar and sleeve length. It really marries well, kind of like Renee Zellweger would be tempted to marry the jock who is all wrong for her, yet thankfully dies in the first half hour of OXBLOOD'S REVENGE.


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Shop these sales this weekend

6946251.jpgFollow my logic. 

There's no shortage of big news coming out of Tampa Bay these days. A bunch of people are coming into town for the RNC. And then there's Isaac, a pesky little ... well, let's not use the "H" word yet.

We here in the newsroom have dubbed it #RepubliCANE (catchy, huh?)

But despite all this, here's my prediction: Stores will be packed this weekend.

Why? Because there's probably plenty of folks who still don't have supplies for their hurricane kits. And I'm sure more than a few of 50,000 conventioneers still need to finalize their party (or protest?) outfits.

So why not save a little money while doing it?

Here's a list of some of the weekend saled/deals/coupons we know of. If you hear of any others, drop them in the comments section below.

And be safe out there, people!

Deal Diva Kameel

(Photo: Times files)

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Steve Harvey: Comedy King, radio star, author ... fashion designer?

Steve Harvey is everywhere these

On the radio, on the TV, in the bookstore, in the movie theater. 

Now this: The longtime comedian (He's one of the original "Kings") has launched a fashion line for women. (He's already been designing pretty nice suits for men)

And apparently, you'll be able to get it in Tampa. 

Harvey's line is being sold at K&G Fashion Superstores, which, according to its website has a location at University Square Mall near USF. (I've never been, so I can't vouch). 

Since we're all super-duper busy these days with our boyfriends Issac and RNC, let's just check out what they have online, hmm?

First impression - I like that the collection seems to focus on career clothes, which, let's be honest, is probably what many of us wear most the time. 

Second impression - The colors seem a little, I don't know, primary? There's a lot of red, which I tend to stay away from. 

Bottom line, I could see my mom wearing a lot of this stuff. …

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Sparkly shoes in the daytime: too bold?

The other day DSW sent out an e-mail promoting "Sparkle and shine -- not just for evening anymore!"

Wait... what? Since when was sparkle and shine just for evening, ever? Have I looked like a fool moonwalking around in my sequined Michael Jackson flats all this time?

Don't answer that.

dsw.jpgAnyway... Apparently now it's super cool to wear glitter and rhinestones and big bejeweled bows on our shoes during work hours. You know, totally normal -- just like big white parachute pants.

You heard em: "DON'T HOLD BACK."

Obviously, I'm all for a little sequin action. But multi-colored rhinestone platform pumps? Blush and gold satin bridesmaid heels? During work hours? 

Picture it.

"Sure, boss. I'll get that super important file to you right away."


"Oh, no thanks, coworkers. I'll be eating lunch at my desk as I crunch all this super important data."


"Of course I'm available to give that super important presentation during that super important meeting."


Okay, so I might be exaggerating. But what do you think, divas? Are you ready to bust out the rhinestones with your morning coffee?

Deal Diva Kim

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Windsor opens Thursday in Westfield Countryside

As far as I was concerned, Windsor was the place in Ontario where all the kids from my old hometown in Ohio would go to drink before they were 21 back in the day. But apparently, Windsor is also a store.

It's opening Thursday in Westfield Countryside in Clearwater. From 4-6 p.m. Wild 94.1 will be broadcasting from the store. Based on a quick inventory from the web, the store stocks a lot of prom and homecoming dresses, as well as other things many of us haven't worn in too many years. For our younger readers, this looks like a fun option for you. And the rest? Well, a lot of it is totally scary. But some of the blouses and other pieces look pretty cute for a wider audience with slightly adventurous taste, on par with cheapie trendsters like Forever 21 and H&M. Like all these stores, it's a matter of being selective.

I'm digging this royal blue top for $29.90. Great color on all skin.


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Need a political bow tie for the RNC? Hit The Tie Bar.

Are you a budding neckwear enthusiast like TV's Tucker Carlson?


Have you always envied the sartorial sensibilities of special friends Harry Truman and Winston Churchill?


Perhaps you'd like to channel the mid-century sophistication of a young Prince Charles.


Or maybe you just need to cut the small talk and get some swag.


Whatever your tastes, a bow tie is a good investment if you're planning to attend any of the Republican National Convention mania here in Tampa next week. A bow tie has smarts and personality. It says, "I understand the intricacies of the debt ceiling, but I won't turn down that mojito if you're buying."

The Tie Bar has a promotion to help you out. If you spend $75 or more at the online store, you'll get a free political party-themed straight tie or bow tie. This is America, so you get to pick your poison. Enter promotion code "Elephants" or "Donkeys" at checkout through Aug. 26. Here are your choices.

This isn't just for the gents. There's nothing stopping the ladies from sporting some neck panache. It worked for Carrie Bradshaw.


Deal Diva Stephanie

Photos: Times files

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Adventures in jewelry repair

With ripped necklaces and stone-less earrings comes regret and eye-rolling.

Same goes for unneccesary chores, right? Somehow, after two years of storing broken jewelry pieces into a little drawstring bag, I merged these things and felt anything but agony. 

In my heart, I was storing the inexpensive pieces for eventual repair. But my head, knowing how I operate, had no intention of putting this bag anywhere but inside a drawer, next to unpaired socks, away from priorities.

The bag resurfaced when I moved to St. Petersburg, and I decided to be a responsible adult who takes care of clutter and problems.

The closest, most obviously labeled repair shop from my workplace is Lightning Fast Jewelry Repair at 360 First Ave N. At one-fifth of a mile away, you'd think I dropped off the troubled jewels, like, first thing. Nope, I waited to do this errand as I walked to Five Guys for lunch. Peak convenience!

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The man at the counter was friendly and provided estimates. I threw in a watch that needed a new battery and headed for my burger and cajun fries. The pieces were ready within a few days.

Let's talk money.

Watch battery: $8.95

Too much? Just right? IDK. I haven't done this in years because of cell phone technology.

Restringing peace signs bracelet: $7.95


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