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MISRED Outfitters launches another original clothing line

photo_0.jpgMISRED Outfitters, the vintage boutique at 615 Central Ave in St. Petersburg, is launching a new clothing line next month

Luckily for us all, next month is, like, tomorrow. 

The BLACK LABEL, which officially become available for purchase online and in store Feb. 9,  is all about sustainable living. Designer and boutique owner Sara Stonecipher says the line is made of of pieces constructed with salvaged clothing and materials from around the world. 

Oh, and it's inspired by Bohemian icons of the 1970s. Think wide-leg pants, long vests and kimono-like frocks like this dress to the right.

The store is debuting 300 pieces from BLACK LABEL at a launch party from 6 - 9 p.m. Feb. 9 at the shop's workroom at 531 Central Ave.  The event is free, but you can RSVP for tickets here.

While you're there, check out the store's other line, Reconstructed, made up of altered vintage pieces. 

Anyone else sensing a theme here...

-Deal Divas Katie and Kameel

(Photo: MISRED's Facebook Page)

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Win a gift certificate to Sunshine Thrift!

Last week, your Deal Divas visited the Clearwater Yacht Club to speak to the ladies there about fashion trends and tips. And although it is a very fine yacht club, we also encouraged the members to check out local thrift stores for affordable finds. We mentioned Sunshine Thrift, one of our favorite thrift shops with locations in St. Pete and Tampa. It was then I noticed that Kameel was wearing a bright yellow corduroy jacket that actually belonged to Katie, a fact which I know because I was with Katie when she bought it... AT SUNSHINE THRIFT. If you need further evidence, follow this link. Yep, we are true to our penny-pinching word. And we share!

Just for giggles, here's a picture the blazer in question, and the others throwing some serious shade at me while I hogged the yacht club mic.


Such LOVE. …

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We heart red on Friday

goredbrooch.jpegNeed an excuse to wear red on Friday, the color that screams TGIF date night and looks good on just about everyone?

It's the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women day, an annual event to raise awareness about heart disease, the No. 1 killer of women. (Yeah, bet you thought it was breast cancer for all the pink ribbons out there.)

I'm glad to wear a pink ribbon WITH a red dress if that's what it takes to remind women that we need to take care of ourselves.

An added perk, wear red to a Macy's store between today and Sunday and enjoy an extra 20 percent off!

Deal Diva Letitia

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Take a wild guess: What hairstyle is popular at salons these days?


It's the Michelle, duh.

Admit it: When first lady Michelle Obama celebrated her husband's second inauguration with a bangtiful new look, you asked yourself, could I pull off bangs?

Like the Jennifer of the '90s, women in Tampa Bay are asking their stylists about her youthful cut, reports the Times' Patti Ewald in today's paper. Even though Michelle didn't really launch the Great Bangs Revolution -- see Zooey Deschanel

The look is proving especially popular at salons that specialize in hairstyles for African-American women. 

From the story: If clients aren't committing to bangs, they're talking about them, salon owners say.

And, while Obama may not have started the trend, she's definitely causing it to take off.

"Bangs have been on the runway for a while," Chad Malm, owner of Salon Jack in Tampa, said.

"(Model) Elle McPherson started it but it wasn't a big hit — until now," he said. "They look good on Michelle Obama. She'll definitely bring longevity to it."

Micheline Barber, a stylist at M Salon I, a Tampa shop that specializes in hairstyles for African-American women, said her shop has been busy cutting bangs since women have seen how youthful they make the first lady look. …

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My Outfit Monday: A good deal -- and I ain't lion

dealdivamom4.jpgRemember that movie The Lion King and that catchy Elton John song “The Circle of Life”? That popped into my head as I dressed myself this morning in an outfit that represents that revolving-door concept (and features a bit of animal print to boot).

I think I’ve mentioned how I recently purged my closet. Unfortunately for me, it’s also slowly refilling as I sell old items at stores like Revolve Clothing Exchange – then end up with cash or store credit to buy new stuff.

I know. Tooootal fail.

Or is it…?

Today’s outfit is a mix of items from Plato’s Closet (leopard print top, $6-ish), Crystal Expressions & Drew Street Bargain Resale in Clearwater (navy blue DKNY jacket, $14), and the Goodwill (gray slacks, which I bought too long ago to remember the price but am sure cost no more than $5).

The earrings were a gift from my mom. Feeling crafty lately, I made the bird's nest necklace myself.

dealdivamom3.jpg dealdivamom2_2.jpg

I think it’s a good trade off. I’ve downsized, and still managed to breathe new life into my wardrobe by replacing a few of those outdated, ill-fitting or never-worn duds I purged with inexpensive things I love.

But enough about me! I wanna hear from you guys: Are you a fan of this outfit or no? …

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Nicki Minaj reapplies her MAC Viva Glam during American Idol

nicki_mac.jpgWhenever I watch American Idol, I laugh at the zero-subtlety factor that goes into their shameless plugs. They're like, "LET ME JUST TAKE A SIP OF THIS COCA-COLA PRODUCT OUT OF MY COKE CUP AND THEN GET IN MY FORD AUTOMOBILE." They just don't care and who can blame them? Those producers are sleeping on pillows made of freshly-ground $100 bills.

But lately, I've noticed a promotional tie-in that's much less obvious. Nicki Minaj, who seems to alternate between Queen of England and space alien gone off meds in her role as judge, has sported neon pink lipstick in pretty much every episode that I can glean. Between auditions, she's often seen casually lifting a Hello Kitty mirror to her face and reapplying the pink lipstick in a black tube, cameras rolling. …

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Getting married in the woods? Consider a camouflage wedding dress.

camodress.jpgRemember Sabrina Rocco, who wrote an extensive mascara review for us? Well, she has uncovered a fashion faux pas of matrimonal proportion. We'll just let her tell you about it. - The Deal Divas

One day, as I was watching an early episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and soaking in the awfulness of it all, I thought to myself: If Mama ever marries Sugar Bear, she's marrying him in CAMO. For fun, I fired up my laptop and typed "camo wedding dress" into Google. Nearly 1.5 million results. The first: Click.

I hit the mother lode. Camo veils, garters, wedding dresses! Camo flower girl dresses, bridesmaid dresses! Even camo mother-of-the-bride dresses! This can't be happening. Who would wear this? Why? How? WHERE???

Apparently, you can get your wedding gown in a number of camo prints. "mossy oak" has a good backwoods forest feel. "white snowfall" is a little more elegant with a few leaves and sticks nestled in snow. And if you're really ballsy, "pink snowfall" with pink snow, leaves and sticks. Tulle comes in anything from hunter's orange to turquoise. Average price for one of these gems is $500. Not bad for a wedding dress. …

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Free concert and fun deals at ARTpool this weekend

kendramorris.jpgWe know you don't really need a good reason to hang out at ARTpool, one of St. Pete's most charming vintage shops/artistic havens/cool cafes.

But here's a pretty swell one. 

Tonight the gallery at Central Avenue and 20th Street is hosting a free concert. National recording artists Kendra Morris and Julia Haltigan are in town, and they'll be crooning for us locals. 

I'm a little biased because I'm a fan of both these gals, but really -- it's FREE Y'ALL. 

Plus, ARTpool itself is having an outerwear sale through Saturday, so if you don't feel like listening, go shopping! Sweaters, jackets, coats are all 20 percent off. One of those might come in handy if cooler weather decides to blow through again before winter is over.

Hope to see you there! Show starts at 6.

-Deal Diva Kameel

(Photo: Kendra Morris in 2011, Times files)

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Designer Nanette Lepore launching juniors line for JCP

Nanette Lepore is known for her feminine and flirty silhouettes on the runway.

Now the designer, whose frocks normally run in the $300 range, is bringing a line to JCP -- that's JC Penney, for those of you who haven't heard about the retailer's calculated makeover efforts over the past year.

The designer-to-mass-market trend isn't new, but it seems like JCP, unlike many stores, is trying to prepare for a rush. Altthough the line, named "L'amour Nanette Lepore", doesn't hit shelves until February, you can pre-order pieces now. 

I have to admit, when I first got an email this week about the line, the description left me a little skeptical. The line is admitted geared toward teen girls. so I wondered if it'd be a little too young.

But I still wanted to peek, particularly because I really like some of Lepore's runway looks, like this outfit (and pretty much everything else) from her Fall 2012 collection.


Luckily, although many of the pieces in the JCP line are totally tween, there are some pieces that are fun and would work, escpecially for spring or summer looks.

This belted babydoll dress, with the trendy stripes, is $30. 

nldressorange.jpg …

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BOGO: The shoe edition

paylessshoes.jpgCheck out this Happy Hump Day offer from Payless Shoesource: Buy one, get one 50 percent off. (Save another 20 percent with code 70128 online. Thanks, slickdeals!)

This means you can get the coral wedges that you WANT for spring, plus the new tennies that your kid NEEDS. Or just go wild and enjoy the changing of the fashion seasons by building a rainbow collection of colored flats.

Cheap shoes are to a wardrobe what paint is to a home: The fastest, cheapest way to breathe new life into an outfit. No dieting required. Online shopping a cinch.

Whatcha waiting for?

Deal Diva Letitia

(Photo: Coral wedges, $26.99. Second pair half-off.)

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Restore your jewelry's shine for cheap

09dress.jpgAbout seven years ago, I received a beautiful pair of sterling silver earrings for my birthday.

I wore them often without a care in the world, including in 2009 to a party in Washington D.C.

How are you this evening, Mrs. First Lady? Oh, you love my earrings? Thank you so much, and may I just say, you would look fantastic with bangs. Trust me.

The night went something like that, I promise. Anyway, my boyfriend felt pretty proud of himself for picking out jewelry that I really liked without the assist from Pinterest. Rightfully so, I say.


Imagine my horrror when I found the earrings looking completely, inexplicably disgusting a couple of weeks ago.

What in the hot mess even happened?


Blerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg. By now you know I am not an expert in jewelry maintenance or restoration. Not knowing how to handle the situation -- or how to break the news to my BF that I probably ruined my most sentimental pair of earrings -- I tucked the danglies away in my jewelry box. Out of sight, out of mind, a problem for another day.

A week later, I found myself in the always tempting scarves/hats/purses/jewelry section at Target. Of all things, I brought this to the checkout line.

wipes.jpg …

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Michelle Obama's new look has fashion world buzzing

Guys, Michelle Obama got bangs. Discuss.


(Photo: Reuters, which also reported that the President had this to say about his wife's new 'do: "First of all, I love Michelle Obama. And to address the most significant event of this weekend, I love her bangs. ... She looks good. She always looks good.")

Well said, sir.

What do you guys think?

-Deal Diva Kameel

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Uh oh. ModCloth throwing 70% off sale


Update: Shop at your own peril, and may the odds be ever in your favor. ModCloth's site is crashing due to the high volume of Deal Divas readers who heard it here first and rushed to the site for cute steals. I think that's what happened.

I know that sometimes I'm tough on ModCloth. Don't let it fool you.

Truth is, my cynicism for the occasional pair of banana-split shorts is really just covering up obsessive merchandise coveting.

Today I get a break. ModCloth, which rarely throws sales, is offering 70 percent off select quirky merchandise.

Things are going quickly, like this Blogging Molly dress marked down from $91.99 to $27.99.

No word on how long the sale will last. I would just go now, while you can, since you're probably not working, before you regret it. 

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Deal Diva Katie


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My Outfit Monday: Cleaning out the clearance racks

photo_1.jpgThis morning when I asked my BFF to take my pic, he looked at me and was like, "Um, aren't you off today?" 

Me (in a sufficiently shrill tone): "Yes, but it's MY MONDAY!"

Sigh. See what I do for you guys?

I COULD have just taken a blurry pic of myself in my embarrassing zany pink animal print leggings and slouchy T-shirt, but who wants to see that?

(Don't answer that.)

Instead, I decided to actually get up and show you what I WOULD wear if I was in the office today. In fact, I love it so much I'm probably going to wear it tomorrow, for real. 

Talk about advanced planning. I feel so organized!

Anyway, let's can call this look, "What happens when you go to Target on an empty stomach." 


Ok, maybe my stomach wasn't exactly empty, per se. But when I bought this outfit recently, I'd just come from a great yoga workout, was feeling good (and a little hungry), and had an extra $20 in my pocket thanks to a return I had to make at -- you guessed it --- Target.

So of course after I returned my items, I couldn't resist browsing around a little, totally ignoring the little voice inside my head that said, "It's a trap! It's a trap! Turn around and go home!" …

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Deal Diva Interview: Shannon Musfelt, Cocoa Couture designer

shannons_dress.jpgShannon Musfelt toted the Dove chocolate wrappers everywhere, rolling them into 5,000 petite balls.

She rolled waiting for the doctor. She rolled waiting for rice to boil. It was all part of her goal, her triumph over those colorful foil wrappers with the inspirational messages. She was determined to turn them into a full-length gown worthy of a runway. Or, rather, a "yumway."

Shannon, 43, will show her creation in the Cocoa Couture Fashion Show Saturday at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa. Follow this link to read the full story about Shannon's creation, at right! The fashion show, featuring 18 avant-garde designs made of candy wrappers, kicks off MOSI's Festival of Chocolate this weekend, with local chocolatiers, renowned pastry chefs, demonstrations, classes and showpieces. It runs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, 4801 East Fowler Ave, Tampa. The Cocoa Couture Fashion show is at 3 p.m. Saturday. Tickets to the festival are $17.95 to $21.95 per day. Visit

shannon_musfelt.jpgFortunately, Musfelt also really loves chocolate. We caught up with her to dish on candy favorites.

Favorite chocolate as a kid?

Snickers bar.

Favorite chocolate now?

Snickers bar.

If you're skipping lunch and going for a chocolate bar?

King size Snickers bar!

Best chocolate cereal?

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