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Get 20 percent off at Target through Saturday

Who doesn't like blazers? And color? And zippers? This gives you all three. It's a regular blazer during the day, and a cropped jacket at night. It's $29.99 at Target.

Who doesn't like blazers? And color? And zippers? This gives you all three. It's a regular blazer during the day, and a cropped jacket at night. It's $29.99 at Target.

It's been a while since we talked about Target, right?

At least 3 days.

Anyway, if you hadn't heard, our favorite store is having a 20 percent off sale through Saturday. It works like this: buy at least $75 worth of clothes, shoes or accessories (or all three), and get 20 percent off your total taken off at the register.

Perfect if you're looking for, say, a complete outfit for a special occasion this weekend.

This post is kind of painful for me, because, well, it's the end/first of the month. And .. things are always tight around then. You know how it is. Bills, bills, bills. (Can I get an amen?)

So, I won't be shopping this weekend. But you can!

And I can fantasize :-) Check out the slideshow above to see what I MIGHT buy IF I had some cash to burn. Or if you just need some ideas about what to put on your list.

-Deal Diva Kameel

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H&M: Red carpet wow with a conscience

Helen Hunt wore H&M to the Oscars.

Getty Images

Helen Hunt wore H&M to the Oscars.

Did you see that Helen Hunt wore H&M to the Oscars?

Alas, then trendy retailer made the dress just for her as part of part of its eco-conscious collection. And H&M doesn't plan to reproduce the navy number for the off-the-rack masses.

Still, how many black tie events do you really attend? Far better to follow her star power in supporting H&M's green efforts. Consider this stylish flowered maxi-dress for $19.95 made of 100 percent recycled polyester. I bet that means you never have to iron it.

Besides, you'd never be able to replicate the wow factor of the $700,000 in jewelry that Hunt used to accessorize her H&M gown for the red carpet. Let's just hope she steered clear of blood diamonds.

Deal Diva Letitia

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Purchase of racing-themed bag benefits charities

The Edie bag by Zych Handbags.

Courtesy of Zych Handbags

The Edie bag by Zych Handbags.

If you love watching race cars zip around a track, supporting a charitable cause and, um, splurging, this promotion could be for you.

Zych Handbags, which makes purses and clutches featuring the black-and-white checkered flag waved at the finish line, will donate 25 percent of its profits to two child-centric groups through the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg on March 24.

Proceeds will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Pinellas County, which serves Pinellas, Hernando and Citrus counties, and the Graham Rahal Foundation, which was founded by 2008 Prix winner Graham Rahal to help sick kids.

Founder Tracy Zych is a Florida native, and her company is based in Ocala.

You can peruse and purchase her collection of racing-themed bags here. This isn't a purchase for the thrifty at heart: The bags run $225 to $450.

Fashionable fans of motorsports, what do you think of the designs -- and the gesture?

Deal Diva Katie

Photos courtesy Big Brothers Big Sisters of Pinellas County

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Oscars fashion: Red carpet classic

Jennifer Hudson wore Roberto Cavalli.

Getty Images

Jennifer Hudson wore Roberto Cavalli.

This year's red carpet fashion was a mix of subtle haute couture, sleek silhouettes, matchy-matchy satin and predictable choices. Educational? Maybe. A little dull? Yeah. Still, there were some highs and lows from the Oscars stylish stroll.

Deal Diva Stephanie created an online gallery of the highlights, from Best actress Jennifer Lawrence's princess dream to Jennifer Hudson's swank stunner.

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My Outfit Monday: Did you hear the one about the stripes?

It's official: The Deal Divas endorse stripes!

Danielle Paquette/Times

It's official: The Deal Divas endorse stripes!

I know you’ve heard this story from your beloved Deal Divas before.

But I just had to confirm that I’m with fashionistas Letitia and Stephanie on this one: Stripes are where it’s at!

And so, my lovelies, today’s M.O.M. post features one of my latest obsessions – my black-and-white striped top ($13.80 at Forever 21).

To steer my outfit away from prison inmate and more toward professional, I figured I’d style it using some tips from Steph’s handy tutorial on this spring’s hottest trend.

Waist-cinching belt? Check. Vertical line-inducing blazer? Ummm. Sort of check.

I usually pair this top with my hot pink blazer, but today I was feeling another recent favorite of mine: A pea green cardigan, also from Forever 21.

I love this sweater because the cut and length make it lay just right and because the color is so different that it’s great for infusing a jolt of color into outfits that follow a neutral palette.

Perhaps the fashion gods wouldn’t approve, but I went for all blue and silver jewelry. As I eyed my reflection this morning, I felt like the outfit needed extra OOMPH and this long double-strand necklace (a gift my mom picked up at New York & Company) seemed to fit the bill. To match, I threw on droopy blue earrings and a bracelet I’ve had so long that I can’t remember where they came from.

I know I’ve got a lot of color and patterns going on here today, deevs. What do y’all think of this outfit: Is it raring for a walk around town or should it be put under house arrest?

Deal Diva Keyonna

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Join the Deal Divas for Oscar fashion live-tweet Sunday!

A preview of the fashion ahead.


A preview of the fashion ahead.

It's the biggest night of the year for cookie dough eaters and wine drinkers. OSCARS, BABY!

Join the Deal Divas as we rip apart the red carpet fashion Sunday starting at 6 p.m. We'll be live-tweeting from our trusty handle, @dealdivas. We will attempt to caputre every moment. I predict slinky and slim on Anne Hathaway, plus lots of red. Will I be right? I seriously cannot wait.

So join us, friends, and please chime in. We love to retweet your hilarious observations about spray tanning and mani-cams because most of the time, our readers are right there inside our brains.

See you Sunday at 6 p.m.!

Deal Diva Stephanie

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Fab Friday: Mina Brinkey

Today on Fab Friday, we feature Mina Brinkey, a Tampa gal and the brains and style behind Bohemian Vintage, a blog all about fashion and design with a boho flair. Do yourself a favor and check out her homemade glitter shoes! 

And don't forget - if you're a local blogger who wants to be featured on Fab Friday, drop us a line.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Name: Mina Brinkey …

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Trying to find something to love about Rihanna's new fashion line

A lounge-y jumpsuit that will keep you warm should you choose to zip it up.

A lounge-y jumpsuit that will keep you warm should you choose to zip it up.

Oh Ri Ri.

We love you. We really do. And we hope you come to your senses and leave Chris Brown alone, for good, one of these days.

We were all so curious about your new line, Rihanna for River Island, which premiered at London Fashion Week a few days ago,

In your YouTube video promoting it, you talked about it being "casual" and "not too sexy." You said "Everyone can wear this line."

Well, I can't. Because I need to wear a bra. And pants.

What happened here? Don't get me wrong, I like casual just as much as the next chick. But even I draw the line at a mesh crop top and matching, calf-length skirt.

And if I'm going to spend what I'm sure will be an over-priced amount on a celebrity-designed top, I want it to be more than a knotted white T-shirt. Or a skirt that has a jacket sewn around the waist (already styled!)

But we really need to talk about this unhealthy obsession with overalls and baggy jumpsuits.

I will say though, that you know how to make a killer slinky long jersey dress with thigh-high slit. Too bad THAT has never been on my shopping list.

Sigh. It's ok. You're still a diamond, shining bright. Maybe we'll find love ... in next year's collection.

-Deal Diva Kameel

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Striped to perfection

Banana Republic outfit anchored in stripes

Banana Republic

Banana Republic outfit anchored in stripes

Can a girl have too many stripes in her closet?

I'm a sucker for the preppy look, especially in classic navy and white. It's always fresh for spring, it never goes out, and it pairs well with everything.

But these days, I find myself reaching for striped boatneck and three-quarters sleeve tee's and stopping myself, because I already own something similar. (Proof again that this look never goes out of style.)

Clearly, it's time to mix things up. I'm currently coveting this Banana Republic outfit, minus the trench coat, which would quickly be too hot for Florida spring. Pairing the stripes already in my closet with an unexpected yellow swing skirt would be beyond delicious.

Will that satisfy my spring stripe obsession? Hmmm... Could I also please get this Tommy Hilfiger striped jacket at Macy's. Pretty please?

Deal Diva Letitia


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Clothing drives seek your spring cleaning castaways

In the mood for spring cleaning? A few area clothing drives want your closet castaways.

Illustration by STEVE MADDEN/Times

In the mood for spring cleaning? A few area clothing drives want your closet castaways.

It may only be February but – if the emails moving across my inbox in recent days are any indication – spring, and the accompanying urge to clean, are in the air!

Should the mood hit you, divas, here are a couple places that will gladly take those closet discards off your hands:

Do you know of any other clothing drives? Let us know in the comments!

Deal Diva Keyonna


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My Outfit Monday: Weathering the chilly temps

Note: We know it's Tuesday ... had a little trouble geting this up yesterday. Thanks for your patience!

I caught myself daydreaming this weekend about what I might wear today. Had it all laid out in my head - a fun dress I picked up a few weekends ago, some colorful tights, maybe some new heels.

Then I woke up. And it was cold. And I was like, "Ugh."

I reached for pants. Sometimes, comfort really does have to come before fashion. But I think I still did OK, right?

The pants I got maybe a couple years ago from Kohl's. I love them because they're the perfect foundation for a work/play outfit. They're dark navy without actually being denim. They can go casual or professional.

I decided since I was going neutral on bottom to mix it up on top. So I threw a jacket I scored from Sunshine Thrift with a lace top I got from Salvation Army.

I don't wear the jacket that often, probably because I sometimes second guess the built-in shoulder pads (too much?), but I love the subtle houndstooth pattern in black and fuschia. The lace top, which is in a bluish/purple/grey hue, was an impulse buy. I love using it to layer -- in this case over a simple navy tee. …

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A new look for Deal Divas

The "reimagined" look for our mother site,, means changes for Deal Divas, too.

Of course, you probably already noticed that.

Do you like our new look?

A lot of work went into improving the site. Our digital-focused colleagues wanted to make the website easier to search and navigate, though it may take some time to get used to it. The new layout also emphasizes photos and video, which is good news for people who like to gawk at pretty products.

On the old website, you could find us on the home page of The new site features fewer blogs on the front page, so we're now under Fashion section of the Features & More tab (there is a words-only link to Deal Divas on the very bottom of the home page). You can save yourself time by bookmarking this direct link or adding us to your favorite RSS feed.

You'll notice a change in the way we feature photos. Think more slideshows at the top of the post and fewer BuzzFeed-esque listicles.

The transition means a new challenge for your faithful Deal Divas. We are learning a new blogging system on top of doing our normal jobs. We ask for your patience as we learn how to make the blog better than before. …

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Bracelets that pack a bang

This steel bangle, created from the melted remnants of illegal guns seized by the Newark Police Department, retails for $200.

This steel bangle, created from the melted remnants of illegal guns seized by the Newark Police Department, retails for $200.

There’s at least one jewelry line out there that’s sure to pack plenty of bang for its buck.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting and the nation’s ensuing debate about gun violence, multiple news outlets have picked up on the story of Jessica Mindich’s Caliber Collection -- a jewelry line that transforms illegal weapons removed from the streets of Newark, N.J. into stylish wristlets.

The bracelets range from $150 for a silver steel cuff made from the melted remnants of firearms once used in murders, roberries and carjackings to $1,275 for a diamond-embossed brass bangle crafted from shell casings swept up from crime scenes. Each is engraved with the serial number of the seized weapon from which it came, meaning no two handmade pieces are alike.

Twenty percent of proceeds from each purchase help finance future Newark Gun Buyback Amnesty events, which let anyone trade in weapons – no questions asked – for up to $200 cash.

In a YouTube video on Caliber Collection’s website, Mindich speaks with Newark police director Samuel A. DeMaio, who says the program saves lives: …

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Deals to make you swoon

Forget flowers. Want to get my attention? Put me in front of a sale rack and see what happens.

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all.

Whether you have a special someone or not, whether you hate this day or not, let's all acknowledge that there is at least one good thing that comes with V-day: sales. Plus, Monday is President's Day, so BOOM. Sales on sales on sales.

Which is why I bet you all are in Tampa at Sunshine Thrift, which is having it's annual 50 percent off sale today.

Or clicking through pages at Tracy Reese's website. The designer, who has made frocks for the First Lady, is offering 30 percent off through Feb. 19.

Payless has a deal that lasts through the weekend: Take $10 off $25 in-store with the code 92837. Online, get 20 percent off with the coupon code LOVE20.

But maybe what you're really doing is planning a weekend trip to Ellenton, with its premium outlets. That place is dangerous. Several of its shops, inclusing favortes Ann Taylor, New York and Company, and don't-even-get-me-started Coach are offering super sales through Sunday. Click here for a list. …

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Blooming spring trends

Hot for spring this year are florals, a look that walks a tight line between trendy and granny. What's a safe way to pull it off? Here are a few ideas:


Floral canvas boat shoes combine two preppy trends, easily paired with basics like a jean skirt or khaki shorts. Available in a range of colors for $24.95 at Old Navy.


Skinny jeans in a light floral print may feel a little retro, but you can add edge with an off-shoulder top. But this look is likely to be out as fast as it came in, so don't break the bank. Try the LC Lauren Conrad skinny jeans, $37.80 at Kohl's.


Sweet and classic, there's no going wrong with a floral sundress. Throw on a blazer or tuxedo jacket as an alternative to a cardi. The possibilities are endless with this MNG by Mango floral print dress, on clearance for $30 at JCPenney.

Any other ideas on do's and don'ts?

Deal Diva Letitia

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