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It's time to revisit fanny packs

So versatile!


So versatile!



It was a little more than six years ago that I posted a fashion prediction on Facebook: 

Thanks to the app Timehop, it was brought to my attention last week. Most of the comments were along the lines of absolutely not. "LOL! NO MAM!!" wrote one of my Facebook friends.

Well, I think it's about time to assess this statement.

Let me start by saying I really want this to be true. I mean, think about it, y'all. Fanny packs, also known as bum bags or belt bags, are super convenient. No purses slipping off your shoulder, no pockets bulging with keys and phones, none of that.

I brought a black canvas pack from my lifeguarding days to a music festival a few years back and got a lot of crap from my friends. But who ended up holding everyone's stuff? Yeah, me. I could even fit a whole water bottle in there! And it looked pretty hip in my humble opinion.

So, with that disclaimer, here is some hard-line proof that fanny packs are a thing in 2016.

Vogue, the holy grail of fashion magazines, published a piece in January proclaiming they're back in style with a fashion-forward twist (especially compared to the Mickey Mouse packs I remember seeing on Disney World moms growing up).

"The hip-hugging accessory is back—logo-fied, leopard-printed, embroidered, and embellished—and grabbing fans (and fannies) everywhere from the runway to the streets," the story says.

And for all you men out there shaking your heads, a June story in Bloomberg featured several runway photos from Milan fashion week of male models sporting different fanny pack styles. 

Now, granted, this seems like a trend that's been making a comeback for a few years now. This Wall Street Journal story points to Louis Vuitton as leading the charge in 2010 (and has a thorough history of fanny packs if you're interested). 

But, clearly, the multi-year comeback has continued into this year.

I'm assuming I've convinced you all that Kathryn-from-six-years-ago was right. Or, at least, kind of right.


.@PolitiFact rate this half true.

— Colleen Wright (@Colleen_Wright) July 27, 2016


So, I've taken the liberty of finding some for you.

This sparkly pack from ASOS pictured above. This pineapple-embroidered design from Urban Outfitters. This bright-colored "Hippyland Pack" from Jansport. This one with all of the cats from Etsy. And, create your own!

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