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Katie's Desert Island Product: Aveda Air Control hairspray

Stranded on a desert island? I'll take a barrel of Aveda Air Control hairspray, please.

(Paint illustration to portray true feelings by the author.)

Stranded on a desert island? I'll take a barrel of Aveda Air Control hairspray, please.



Let's be real: If I were stranded on a deserted island with one product request, it would be sunscreen or moisturizer with minimum SPF 50. The sun would off me before any of the usual suspects, like hunger or thirst or falling into a leftover tiger den concealed by palm branches from the Swiss Family Robinson.

But you might have caught by now that our theme week is not grounded in logical decision-making. So that's why I'm going with Aveda Air Control hairspray.

I'm not a product loyalist, to be honest, but this is my favorite thing. It's gentle, fragrant hold elixir in a can that might explode in extreme sunlight (someone, consult science for me) but would make me happy while it lasted. The hairspray is total luxury. No really, at a pry-the-money-from-my-hands cost of $25 per bottle.

For people with fine hair and bangs, though, this is the way to go. The hold is lightweight, so it won't make your bangs look greasy or stiff as it keeps them in place. Bangs can be disorderly, and we do what we must to rein them in. I spritzed this stuff on the daily back when I had full bangs.

Plus, the smell. Does the island even have tropical flowers? No? Okay, that's fine, this spray has a floral aroma that makes it double as an airy upper body mist. More specifically, it boasts a "breakthrough pine resin technology for hold," which may be why Stephanie says it smells like lumberjacks.

To each her own.

What's your must-have hairspray? Am I bonkers for paying so much for this stuff?

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