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Lea Thompson still has that ‘Back to the Future’ prom dress

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First and foremost, happy Back to the Future Day!


Now, onto more important things, like what became of Lea Thompson’s iconic pink polka dot prom dress from the 1985 classic.


Thompson told People that she still has the ’50s-inspired tea dress that she wore during the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance scene. And like anything one might hold onto for 30 years, “I can’t get into it anymore,” she laughed. “It was so tight! It was tight at the time, but now it’s really, really tight.”

Exactly how snug was the custom-made gown?

"When we shot the big dance – the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance – it was so tight, I just took it off," she confessed. "I would wander around in my crinolines and my push-up bra. My mom was just scandalized, because of course there were like hundreds of extras, but I didn't care. I was just walking around without my dress on."

"They used to make fun of it [on set] because my boobs kind of spilled out of the top of it – they used to call my boobs the MMs: the Mammoth Mammaries," she added.

Thompson, who was 24 when the movie was filmed, fell in love with the gown, which features a winged, foldover sweetheart neckline.

"It was beautifully made, and made to order for me," she said. "It's got a low-drop waist, and the way it was cut was just so beautiful. And it's still in great shape. I've still got the shoes. The shoes are even hard to get on now – my big ol' feet from having babies."

She keeps the dress carefully stored, which was super convenient when the sequels were being produced.

"When we did Back to the Future II, they were panicked because they couldn't find it," she said. "They had made three, and they had given me one, so I lent it back to them. Actually, they just shipped it out to New York to be on the Today show."

Want your own custom-made ’50s-inspired tea dress? Check out one of my favorite sites of all time, Whirling Turban. (Caution: No deals to be had here.) Want a replica of the Enchantment Under the Sea dress? Check out this Etsy listing.

Love you, Etsy! xoxo


[Last modified: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 1:49pm]


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