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Let's pause for a shout-out to these shoes



It's already That Kind of Week. You know, the one where your To Do list is longer than your arm and too many things are happening at once and now you have to worry about Zika.

But I had to pause for this short shout-out post to my new favorite shoes: these pointy faux-suede flats in a distracting shade of blue.

This is the kind of accessory that you throw on in the morning because it's easy, and then it gets complimented more than anything else you're wearing. We all have those accessories, eye roll emoji. And, more importantly, these shoes offer two important shopping lessons:

1) Always look at the clearance racks, and the clearance-adjacent racks. My favorite pasttime is telling people these shoes cost $3.99 and watching their faces. I found them at Old Navy after scouring the clearance side of the shoe rack and finding nothing. The other side was supposed to be full-price shoes, but I found these babies lingering at the bottom. In my size.

2) My grandma used to say this, and every year I realize how much truer it is: If you find really cute shoes for $3.99, always buy at least two pairs.

[Last modified: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 3:35pm]


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