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Linen: It might save us all yet

You know how, when it's blizzarding around the rest of the country, and people are hoarding groceries and hashtagging the "snowpocalypse," you and I are posting pictures of palm trees and beaches and captioning it "Florida winter"?

I can't help but feel that summer is the North's revenge.

But I was reminded yesterday of one way to get through this already interminable Florida heat when, after interviewing a source for an hour in a poorly air-conditioned coffee shop, all of my clothes were sweat-pasted to me except for one article: my linen t-shirt.

I would claim that it's linen, not cotton, that should be the fabric of our lives. First of all, cotton is always airing TV commercials with adorable outfits and you think you're going to find out where Zooey Deschanel got that dress, but sike! It never tells you, and if that is not a war crime I do not know what is.

But on a second point more relevant to the topic at hand, linen breathes. The oldest existing fabric, linen moves moisture away from the body while cotton absorbs it and sits on your skin. Because of its superior heat conductivity, linen allows heat to escape, you feel cooler, your temperature goes down, everyone wins, go team.

Linen gets a bad rap because it requires more laundry care than cotton, but I've found I can skate by if I wash my linen clothes normally and then hang them or lay them flat to dry.

One of my favorite recent purchases is this sleeveless linen henley tank from the Gap, on sale for $19.99 and perfect with jeans and a blazer for Casual Friday. You can see some of my other favorite linen finds in the slideshow above.

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