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Looking for a cheaper way to replenish my makeup bag

At $54, the Naked3 Palette is just slightly out of reach at this moment.

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At $54, the Naked3 Palette is just slightly out of reach at this moment.



I desperately need to replace half of the items in my makeup bag, particularly some well-worn blush and powder from Bare Minerals and eyeshadow from Urban Decay.

I'm also getting married in two months, which means I have not a cent to spare. And I certainly don't have $100+ to spend on all that ^.

So I'm trying to get creative, dear Divas readers. And I'm turning to you for help. I've come across plenty of good blushes in my day, including this $9 darling from Ulta. And one of my favorite lipsticks is a purple shade of Nyx called Thunderstorm that costs $6.

But I am at a loss for where to find a cheaper version of a Naked3 Palette, which costs 54 AMERICAN DOLLARS. Does such a thing exist? Should I just wipe my eyes with the tears of a unicorn instead?

Buzzfeed offered some clarity. A couple months ago, they tested drug store makeup brands vs. high-end makeup brands on people IRL and published the results. For this particular study, they pitted a Naked3 Palette against Maybelline's Blushed Nudes Palette, which I stared at for a long time at Target the other day. The Maybelline option is $11.99. But how does it look? Click through the link and scroll to No. 3 to see the photos and read the participants' comments. They seem mixed, but verge on the side of, "It's fine! Just do it! You're poor and really can't justify a $54 makeup purchase right now! You also shouldn't be buying half the stuff in that cart, get out of Target!"

I'm going to try it, but I'm curious: Has anyone else found a great alternative for the beloved Naked palette? Or just a generally awesome makeup product that won't empty one's checking account?

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