March Madness is here, and it is real, and if your favorite college team is still in the NCAA Tournament or your bracket h" />
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March Madness: Keep calm and style on



March Madness is here, and it is real, and if your favorite college team is still in the NCAA Tournament or your bracket has yet to be busted, you’re likely in a better emotional place than the rest of us.


But already we digress.


When supporting your alma mater, it’s easy to get sucked into the spiral of vintage repro T’s, fitted jerseys and — heaven forbid — the occasional rhinestone. Don’t lie. We know you’ve been there.


To this we say, “No more!” For the fashion-loving sports fan, the time is now to remain on trend while showing your [Mascot Here] pride.


Here are a few ways to keep your sideline game on point.


Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

It’s spring, time to bust out your team’s brightest colors, and there’s no easier way to incorporate them into your outfit than with a bold scarf. Step it up with a coordinating ¾- or cuffed-sleeve blazer for a fresh, laid-back, professional look, because it's important to remember you’re not in college anymore.


Boyfriend Jeans

A quality pair of jeans can take you from arena to bar to bestie’s back deck. A ballet flat or mini wedge keeps it cute and comfy no matter where the tailgate might take you. Channel your inner Gisele, Queen of the Sideline, and top off the effortless look with beachy waves.



The best thing about outfit planning for March Madness: Games are indoors, which affords us so many ensemble options. Plus, it’s not quite 90 degrees outside yet, so let’s seize the opportunity to show off our favorite fall pieces before it’s too late. A leather jacket or pant is a casual luxury piece that can make just about any team logo look edgy.



We southern girls love a dress, especially a team-colored dress. You can’t fail with this. Notre Dame fan? A navy number with a kelly-green statement necklace will do the trick. With the right accessories, it’s simple to dress this option up or down depending on your game-watching venue.

Mesh, Yes Mesh

In the past — save for those dark few years when we aspired to be a Motley Crue groupie — mesh was an automatic nope. But times change, people change, and we can’t ignore this spring’s top trend. The more daring can wear mesh over a longline bra. You’ll come off sporty and sexy — think courtside Rihanna — with the added benefit of not resembling a circa-1976 pinnie-wearing quarterback. It can be done! Just team it with a high-waisted bottom and choose your jewelry wisely. Side note/warning: This works best for night games and if your team wears black or white, because going beyond a neutral, while ambitious, can be tricky.


Happy cheering!

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