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Maxi skirts at work, why not?

Maxi skirts can be professional *and* relaxed, amIright?

Photo via Lisa Gartner, Times staff writer who regretted not following her heart and wearing a maxi skirt to work like us.

Maxi skirts can be professional *and* relaxed, amIright?



A red maxi skirt hangs in my closet, always taunting me as I decide what to wear.

If it could talk, it would say, You want to choose me, but your mind tells you I'm not work appropriate! Ha ha ha, I'm going to keep chilling here without any obligations. Have fun in black pants.

I was in no mood for dress pants this morning after the long weekend. I decided enough with rigid notions of professional dress; I was going to make this maxi work for work, and if people didn't like it ... well, they could say it to my face (or even better, in the section below this post under a different name).

I've spent most of the day in the maxi, and here's how it's been going: I feel really comfortable. It's nice not to worry about a skirt being too tight or too short. There's just an abundance of stretchy, flowy, leg-covering material all around. A few girls told me they liked it but were not sure it could work for them. (Don't forget that Deal Diva Stephanie told us how short women can pull off the look.) 

I felt even more confident when I noticed desk neighbor/Deal Diva contributor Katherine Snow Smith (pictured above) also wearing a maxi. She does this a lot, and no one ever runs away from her in horror. No one ran away from me either, so I think we're doing it right!

Now for the discussion. Be honest. Would you wear a maxi to work, or is it too casual? Is there a seasonal limit to maxis, or does that go out the window because of Florida's climate? Did I do the right thing by pairing the bold skirt with a neutral V-neck and sweater? 

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