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My oufit monday: That's a wrap

The wrap dress has a history. (Not just mine, all of them.)

Katie Sanders

The wrap dress has a history. (Not just mine, all of them.)



For My Outfit Monday, I stand in the newspaper office's industrial chic fire escape in a wrap dress by Diane von Furstenberg. This is the designer's trademark piece that she introdeuced in 1974. It's just as popular 40 years later and is so iconic it's in the permanent collection of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I asked fellow Deal Diva and my photographer Katie Sanders if it was too low cut for the office. She hesitated and said "you can discuss that in the post."

I didn't have to go far to decide it's fine. Why did I decide that? Because Diane said so, that's why. She has described her wrap as "a dress that you get the man with ... but he doesn't mind taking you to his mother."

But if you are going to be walking fast, dancing or getting up and down to pray on a kneeler in church, it can plunge even lower. So for those reasons I have been known to use a safety pin to stop the madenss. I want to get "the man" not "all the men."

Listen to this interview on NPR to learn a little about this iconic fashion designer who has created much more than the wrap dress. She's the daughter of a Haulocost survivor who grew up to dominate fashion for decades. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is parital to von Furstenberg's wraps, too.

I happen to share the same birthday with Catherine and now I learn we have similar taste in clothes. I guess that's why people are always getting us confused.




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