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My Outfit Monday: All the owls



Getting dressed this morning was weird. I had every intention of starting out the new year on a stylish, I-totally-have-it-together foot by picking out an outfit the night before. But then I went ahead and started binge watching Sherlock this weekend and stayed up late last night to watch the new episode and THEN stayed up later to read theories on Tumblr.

So yeah, don't do that. (Except do that. Totally do that. Just maybe not on a work night.)

This morning I started out with the Banana Republic outlet top you see above, blue tights, a dark gray skirt, leopard print flats and a blazer. I looked in the mirror and realized I'd accidentally dressed like I was going to Hogwarts. At first I decided YOLO (is that still a thing?) and added owl earrings (from a boutique in Apalachicola) to complete the Hogwarts look. But then I decided that people already ask me "what grade are you in?" too often, so looking like I'd skipped class at some local private school... eh. No thanks.

I switched from the blazer to a white sweater. Still a little too "I have a chem test today!" I swapped out the skirt and tights and went with my trusty black Target cords. Traded the sweater for a Banana Republic outlet sweater. Added black Target flats and one more owl (Forever 21 necklace I got for Christmas) and no longer do I look like I got lost on the way to Muggle Studies.

So what do you think? Too many owls? ...Not enough owls?

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